Season 2 of My Grandparents' War: air date, celebrities, and much more about the wartime ancestry series

Season 2 of My Grandparents' War: air date, celebrities, and much more about the wartime ancestry se

In a second series on Channel 4, actors, singers, and celebrities retrace their family history in wartime. In series 1, Helena Bonham Carter, Kristin Scott Thomas, Carey Mulligan, and Mark Rylance''s father joined forces, bringing together actors and writers from across the country. So far, Kit Harington, singer Emeli Sande, Hollywood actor Kiera Knightly, and actor Toby Jones are all joining the cast.

Season 2 of Channel 4 here''s all you need to know about it...

My Grandparents'''' War series 2 release date

On Channel 4, the episode will begin on Thursday, September 15, at 9pm. It''s a four-part series, which will be available on All4. Take a look at the episode running order in our episode guide below, which we''ll be updating every week.

Kit Harington, who plays the role of My Grandparents'' War in Season 2, is set to be released soon.

Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow in the game, is fascinated by intrigue and battlefield heroics, and he discovers both features in his family history as he explores his grandparents'' experiences in World War Two. He discovers his paternal grandfather, John Harington, was recruited by naval intelligence in 1941 and sent to Jamaica where one of his friends would have been James Bond creator Ian Fleming.

"This was before Fleming wrote the Bond novels and hed had met a lot of people in the service," Kit said, who also played BBC1 drama "Fleming went to Jamaica and most likely would have met my grandfather," said Kit, who plays in the BBC1. "We all know how to be certain that John Harington might have inspired Bond in a really roundabout manner!"

John was tasked with keeping an eye on the former King Edward VIII, who had been appointed governor of the Bahamas but whose Nazi sympathies continued to be concerned about security services. Afterwards, John met and married Kits grandmother, Lavender, days after meeting her. She was also sent to Barbados to do intelligence work to check whether any coded messages from Nazi spies were found. Meanwhile, Kits'' maternal grandfather, Mick Catesby, fought in Italy during one of the brutal fights in the war

"He lost some of his closest friends," Kit says. "He didnt want to talk about what happened. He didnt even wish to acknowledge that he had won a medal. He just wanted to go ahead."

Episode 2: Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley has directed several films based during World War II, including and.But in the second episode of C4s My Grandparents War, she explains what life was like for her maternal grandparents, Jan and Mac, in British 1940s.

Mac died before she was born, and Jan passed away when she was 11 years old, so Keira knew very little about her grandparents'' experiences of the conflict. So it a surprise for Keira to discover that Mac was a war hero.

A 37-year-old student learns from yourself to learn from what he learned to do when his ship was bombed off the coast of Norway. "He must have been capable of dealing with steal," he says of the day. "It''s all you have to do with it."

Mac and Jan survived the war, but Keira learned in 1942 that his beloved brother Wilf was killed when his ship was sunk. A year later her grandmother''s youngest brother Andrew was shot down over Germany. He survived more than 18 months in a prisoner of war camp before being rescued by American soldiers.

"My grandmother wasn''t aware of his fate for a week," Keira said. "But while she was reunited with her brother my grandfather was left with only a memory of his." "What they had to live through was extraordinary!"

Episode 3: Emeli Sande

Emeli Sande recalls her maternal grandfather''s footsteps in the third episode of My Grandparents War. After the victory was declared, he signed up for 12 years of military training, implying that while his grandfather was successful, he was forced into detention camps, killing about 11,000 people. I now understand how colonialism divides us, and how racism affects our society.

Episode 4: Toby Jones

Very soon, toby Jones'' third episode will be updated, so please check back.

Is there a trailer for Season 2 of My Grandparents'' War?

Channel 4 hasn''t released a trailer for series 2, but we''ll update it here if one comes.

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