Something you didn't know about Jonathan Bailey of Bridgerton who plays Anthony Bridgerton

Something you didn't know about Jonathan Bailey of Bridgerton who plays Anthony Bridgerton

In season 2, Jonathan Bailey, who plays philandering but occult English nobleman Viscount Anthony Bridgerton, has a major storyline. After his father''s death, Anthony is the de facto boss of the Bridgerton family.

Anthony Bridgerton spent the whole of the first season in an on-off relationship with Ayoto Rosso. This time in season 2, which will be released on Netflix on Friday March 25, 2022, there are a lot of things ahead for the Viscount as hes all set to settle down and find a wife.

Jonathan is currently facing off the verge of becoming one of the hottest actors around. We thought wed dive deeper into the 33-year-old Laurence Olivier Award-winning British actor who plays the classic aristocratic rogue. Here are 12 things you might surprise yourself about the actor.

1.Jonathan Bailey is an award-winning theatre actress.

Jonathan Bailey has been named as the 2018Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actor in a Musical because of his portrayal of Jamie in the 2018West Endrevival of. It was this success that led him to adopt Anthony Bridgerton, who is now set to play an even bigger role in Season 2 (see first look photo below).

2.In Bridgerton, he plays a rakish womaniser.Jonathan Bailey isgay

Jonathan Bailey talked candidly about going out as gay: "I was getting to terms with my own sexuality, I hadn''t necessarily hidden it," he said of his recent interview with Ian McKellen. "It''s just there had never been a need to talk about it,," he added. "It''s just there had never been a need to talk about it. There''s a sense of shame, I believe, in every gay man."

3.He''s addicted to watching YouTube video featuring musical flashmob.

"I''ve been trying to get into the traps of looking at flashmobs of musical theatre numbers,," Jonathan says.

4.Jonathan wants to become an actor from the age of five.

Although neither his parents nor his three older sisters have anything to do with acting, Jonathan Baileys was sparked as a kid after watching a production of in the local village hall. Hes now a hugely successful theatre career with roles in David Hare''sSouth Downs, the musical version ofalongside Matt Smith, and at the Chichester Festival Theatre.

Wahrend playing in BBC comedy W1A, he felt''starstruck.''

Jonathan played Jack Patterson for a three-series BBC comedy titled "The Inner Workings of the BBC." He said in 2017 that he was amazed by all the famous faces appearing during filming as well as starring with regulars such as Hugh Bonneville, Jessica Hynes, and Monica Dolan. "I was struck all the time," he said. "There were so many brilliant actors at the top of their game."

6.If Jonathan wasn''t an actor, he''d prefer to be a primary school teacher.

Jonathan says that "all teachers are basically modern-day heroes." "And I like seeing my niece in her nativities at school. I always think they''re just so sweet and lovely." "Seeing the next generation of Baileys grow up, you just realize how informative these years are, and I think being a part of that is pretty special."

7.He appeared in London''s West End stage musical Company for Anthony Bridgerton in 2018.

Jonathan recalls that "I got offered the job on my 31st birthday, 25 April 2019,." He''s now known as a worldwide performer!

8.Jonathan did ballet until he was 12

"I remember having Velcro trainers, just squeaking in at the back, and trying to do some plies." I ended dancing aged 12 because of the inevitable narrative and peer pressure."

9.Anita''s first success was in the 1990s show Heartbreak High, played by Lara Cox.

"It might seem like a niche for some people, but the soundtrack to it is kind of etched in my mind. Yeah, she was everything to me. And if not Anita then Prince Eric from. Just the notion of wanting to be on shore with Prince Eric is pretty dreamy!

10.It''s the most romantic thing anyones done for Jonathan, which is, run him a bath!

Jonathan says, "I think somebody sitting while you have your bath and having a chat is pretty mega. Put the toilet seat down and just be there while you bathe. It''s really sweet and stunning, and you know, youre naked."

11.His first job tented out in the form of a handful of lemon curd.

"I worked on the lemon curd line at a local honey factory every summer and during school," Jonathan said. "There''s something about having to open up a hot vat of lemon curd to check the temperature at 5am, which really spurs you on and makes you think of doing something more creative." It was groundbreaking in that it made me realise that I never want to see or have lemon curd again!"

12.Jonathan believes his Broadchurch character Olly Stevens is a "dick."

Jonathan played Olly Stevens, an on-screen reporter who was working on the. He was the nephew of detective Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) in the hit ITV crime drama (2013 to 2015). However, Jonathan did not particularly like Olly as a character, describing him as a "a bit of a dick."

"He represents a generation in which everything is immediate, whereas his boss is from the old school of journalism," he told Metro. "It''s funny because the actress who plays her, Carolyn Pickles, can do shorthand in real life, like you. It shows the real separation between the generations."

13.Jonathan stars in a spooky West End stage play with Taron Egerton.

Jonathan stars alongside Taron Egerton in a play titled. It follows a gay couple whose relationship fails when one man questions his sexuality as he meets the girl of his dreams. Guests include the actors from London''s Ambassador''s Theatre.

Jonathan plays John who identifies as homosexual but meets a female he is attracted to. Jonathan admits that his nan, who examines everything he''s going to do, was very supportive. "She said it was provocative and funny. So we''re pleased to go!"

14.He''s joined the cast of Wicked, a muscial film.

Jonathan will be a significant cast member of the long-awaited musical adaptation based on the successful Broadway and West End theater show. He''s expected to play Fiyero in the two-partmovie adaptation, and he will also play alongside the likes of Cynthia Arivo and Ariana Grande. The two-part film series will be released in 2024.

According to Twitter, director Jon M Chu has confirmed that Jonathan us is taking on the role: "He''s perfect, they''re perfect. They''d be perfect together. Born to be forever. I''m too froth to pretend this hasn''t been happening. We have a Fiyero!"

Jonathan Bailey''''s Fact File

When was Jonathan Bailey born? On 25 April 1988.

Is Jonathan Bailey married? No.

Is Jonathan Bailey a youngster? No

Is Jonathan Bailey single? He''sn''t discussed whether or not he''s dating.

Jonathan Bailey is 5ft 11in (180.3 cm) tall.

At the time of the most recent article update, we work hard to ensure that all information is correct. Facts that change over time, such as age, will be correct.

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