The Familysaga of Resident Evil Village will be finalized in the DLC

The Familysaga of Resident Evil Village will be finalized in the DLC

The DLC for Resident Evil Village''s Shadows of Rose will be the final choice for Capcom''s family, according to the publisher.

Director Kento Kinoshita said Capcom is "creating the Shadows of Rose story to finalize the Family saga" while talking to IGN.

Any future involvement in the series will likely introduce us to a new set of characters or bring back some older faces from previous generations of games - although Capcom itself is somewhat enquired about any additional details.

In 2017''s Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, the Winters family was first introduced. Here, protagonist Ethan Winters battled against the Baker family in order to save his wife Mia from their clutches.

Village''s release in 2021 lasted the couple''s life, as they dealt with the aftermath of their stints with the Bakers. In this follow-up, the couple revealed that she had a daughter named Rose in the subsequent years, and this family dynamic became a key plot point for the whole game.

Following Ethan''s apparent demise at Village, the upcoming addition of Shadows of Rose will see players take on the role of his now teenage daughter as she utilizes the powers she gained from her brush with the megamycete to her advantage.

The entire DLC, which includes the arcade-style The Mercenaries: Additional Orders mode and a third person mode for the base game, will be included in the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition on October 28th.

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