Nextmonth, Butterfly Soup 2 will be released

Nextmonth, Butterfly Soup 2 will be released

Brianna Lei, a developer, has announced a sequel to Butterfly Soup''s 2017 game, which she hopes to develop next month.

Butterfly Soup 2 will be released on September 29th, and will follow the four main characters a few months after the original story.

Butterfly Soup was previously featured in a piece from Natalie Flores on the humanisation of queer women in games, and Butterfly Soup is a fan of the word.

On its store page, Lei calls Butterfly Soup "a visual art about gay asian girls playing baseball and falling in love." There''s also a lot of memes and interesting content.

Lei began the game''s fifth anniversary by using Twitter to announce the sequel, Butterfly Soup 2.

Happy 5th anniversary of #ButterflySoup! It''s hoped that the day will come to an end, but I''m now planning a trip to New York City.

This is a big "I''m going to give the gays everything they want" moment for indie gaming, as Butterfly Soup is well-loved by many (myself included).

Butterfly Soup 2 will be available on PC, Mac, and Linux via at the start of October. If you want to see a sport, memes, and a queer Asian representation, then you may play through Butterfly Soup for free before the sequel releases.

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