With a new Sonic Primetrailer, Sega gives us a walk from the blue

With a new Sonic Primetrailer, Sega gives us a walk from the blue

Sega has unveiled a new teaser for Netflix''s Sonic Prime program.

As he makes his way through the globe, everyone''s favorite blue blur is equally blue and blurry. Oh, and Shadow and Doctor Eggman are also hot on his heels.

Sega has provided us with this teaser, which you may see below, that Sonic will "shatter" our societies this winter when Sonic Prime arrives on Netflix. Yes, I am quite revolted when it comes to a Netflix show with the title "Prime."

Another familiar face you will have seen in the video above is Big the Cat.

This fan-friendly character was recently confirmed to be coming to Sonic Frontiers for PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, and Switch.

Big the Cat will be found on a portal and will include a fishing minigame.

Coins that can be spent on Portal Gear fragments, Vault Keys, voice diaries, and more, providing additional opportunities to fish acquired through purple coins around the world.

This portal is one of the game''s Cyber Space zones, which recreate past moments from classic Sonic games. It''s unclear if Big will be featured elsewhere.

For a look at Sonic Frontiers'' pre-order bonuses, here''s a list of them.

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