Following the GTA 6leaks, developers share work-in-progress footage in solidarity with Rockstar

Following the GTA 6leaks, developers share work-in-progress footage in solidarity with Rockstar

Over the weekend, Rockstar faced a massive leak that saw numerous screenshots and videos from GTA 6''s development appear online with missing features and features.

Some users on the internet have decided to use the footage as a weapon to criticize Rockstar''s unfinished work.

"If you knew how game development goes, you''d know that visuals are one of the first things done. This game is four years into planning and development. What you will see is almost exactly what you will get. The next year is mission coding and debugging. All backend stuff. It does look ass," a Twitter user.

Apart from this, Xavier Coelho-Kostolny, a 3D character artist, described this program as "the greatest extremely-confident-but-has-no-idea-what-they''re-talking-around take [they''ve] ever seen."

This is the greatest extremely-confident-but-has-no-idea-what-they''re-talking-about take I''ve ever seen.Magnificent.

Many developers and members of the games industry are sharing their own work in progress clips, stating that what the leaked GTA 6 footage uncovered was no indication of the final product''s quality.

Paul Ehreth, the lead designer for Control, shared a YouTube video of Remedy''s award-winning game.

"Since graphics are the first thing finished in a video game, and Control received several awards for excellence in graphics, here is footage from the beginning of development," the filmmaker writes.

Kurt Margenau, the co-leader of Uncharted 4, reshared footage from the game''s famous jeep chase scene in its "blockmesh vs art blockmesh final art" phases, stating that this is "what art looks like for a video game."

What art is in the works for a video game.

In its early days, here is The Last of Us.

Yes..this is what the Last of Us appeared in its development phases. Every game you ever played was through this.

Massive Monster, an Indie company, has released early footage from its recent release Cult of the Lamb. This demonstrates the rudimentary design that is reflected in the game''s development.

"Graphics are the first thing left in a video game," says one observer. Below are some of the first examples of Cult of the Lamb''s

Sam Barlow, the director of Immortality, tweeted two stills from his previous game, saying, "FYI, here''s what Immortality looked like in the first two years" where we were focused on getting the AI and combat gameplay balanced vs how it ended.

FYI, here''s what IMMORTALITY looked like during the first two years when we were focusing on getting the A.I. and combat gameplay balanced vs. how it shipped

In a follow-up tweet, journalist Cian Maher shared an early still of one of Horizon Zero Dawn''s Thunderjaws. "Also yes, that is a pistol, this was created with Killzone assets. But games don''t appear like the finished product.

"Graphics are the first thing in a video game," says a Thunderjaw from an early Horizon: Zero Dawn

Excelhedge, a Destiny fan, shared the following photos of Bungie''s sci-fi game developer. In their words, "Don''t trigger game developers, especially when [you] know nothing [about] their work. Below is [Destiny''s] early Alpha build vs Destiny Rise of Iron."

"Graphics are the first thing in a video game," says the player. But don''t be able to trigger Game Devs, especially when they know nothing about it.Below is @Bungie''s #Destiny''s early Alpha build vs Destiny Rise of Iron

Bit Loom Games updated a side-by-side comparison of its game Tray Racers, indicating a significant difference between the game''s progress in 2020 and 2022.

Did you know that video games are the first thing completed? Here''s how they compare to 2022

While this God of War (2018) video has been discontinued by the developer recently, this compilation of Sony Santa Monica''s footage highlights how many stages a game must undergo before the final product is actually scheduled to be released.

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