The Divine Force, Star Ocean, has a freedemo

The Divine Force, Star Ocean, has a freedemo

The JRPG Star Ocean: The Divine Force is now live in a demo for Square Enix''s next JRPG Star Ocean.

It''s available on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles, ahead of the release of the game on 27th October.

The demo takes place at the beginning of the game, but has been specially designed with restrictions on certain features. Progress will not take over in the main game.

Watch the HYDE-themed OCEAN THE DIVINE FORCE TGS trailer on YouTube.

The Divine Force is the latest game in the Star Ocean series, which combines science fiction and fantasy novels with anime characters.

Raymond, the captain of the space trading ship Ydas, or Laeticia, the princess-knight of a kingdom on the underdeveloped planet Aster IV, are among the players'' choice.

Combat is based on action, with players able to directly control any one of three party members. Abilities require a lot of effort, plus characters can jump into the sky and plummet into enemies for large damage.

Square Enix will release this demo for the first time, with Valkyrie Elysium, Harvestella, and The Diofield Chronicle all receiving demos ahead of the release.

Koei Tecmo has just released a timed demo for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. At the moment, we seem to be in a demo renaissance.

On October 27, Star Ocean: The Divine Force will be released on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and PC (Steam). Pre-orders are now live.

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