In the latestupdate, Spelunky 2 will have a cross-play multiplayer

In the latestupdate, Spelunky 2 will have a cross-play multiplayer

Cross-play has been added to Spelunky 2''s online multiplayer.

Adventure Mode and Arena Mode are now available to play online with friends or random players across PlayStation and Xbox consoles, Switch, and PC (Steam).

"With that, I believe that all of our major goals for online multiplayer have been fulfilled, but to be clear, we will still be monitoring social channels for feedback and planning on making further improvements to the Spelunky 2 online experience," says a new report on Derek Yu''s release of v1.26.

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"We''re really grateful that so many players have stuck with us as we worked on online multiplayer. Trust me when I say that we always feel relieved ourselves when something does not work as planned or we''re forced to postpone a release."

The update insists that multiplayer and online features are still important rather than new single-player content, although bugs and game-breaking issues will always be addressed.

Yu has apologised for the length of time it takes to sync between levels when playing online.

"Sorry about that." The goal of our team to ensure a smooth playing experience between players on systems that are quite different in terms of power (including in Steam). Some players are having a much better online experience, but some players that were previously capable of playing fine are now having to deal with the syncs. We''d like to start by releasing a workaround ASAP for the latter group and go from there."

Aside from the update, there are also patches on other fixes.

In his Spelunky 2 review, Donlan presented the game an Essential, describing it as a "legendary sequel."

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