Bandai Namco, a company based in Elden Ring, admits to having "possibility" customer details exposed in Julyhack

Bandai Namco, a company based in Elden Ring, admits to having "possibility" customer details exposed

Bandai Namco, the publisher of Elden Ring, Dark Souls, and Soulcalibur, has issued a report on its investigation into the July ransomware attack that targeted its servers.

In a statement posted yesterday, the publisher admitted to having "become clear" that the possibility of an external leakage of information cannot be denied.

This may include, as Bandai Namco appoints back in July, "customer information."

As with the scope of the breach or what Bandai Namco believes could have been accessed or taken, exactly what data was available to hackers remains unclear.

The present version of today is disappointingly short on details and progress made over the past two months. All Bandai Namco seems certain on the basis that some information is likely exposed.

"As a result of the investigation into the nature and the scope of the damage caused by unauthorised access, it has become clear that the possibility of an external information leak cannot be denied for certain files on the server," said the publisher.

"If you have verified any information leakage or other issues related to the unauthorised access in question, please contact us at the following email address.

Bandai Namco''s last statement was revealed with a further apologies and a promise to update fans once more if it had more to share.

"We apologise sincerely to all involved for the enormous concern and inconvenience this may cause," the paper said. "Any future issues and such as requiring disclosure will be announced immediately."

vx-underground, a malicious malware tracker, discovered the word of the hack in July, which referred to ALPHV, otherwise known as BlackCat, as the culprit.

Security documentation, video game source code, and a bleak internal communications leak have been discovered among other ransomware incidents. Capcom, EA, and CD Projekt Red have all of their accounts.

This week, 2K Games'' customer service admitted that it was broken, and warned affected users to reset passwords and run antivirus software.

Over the weekend, there was a slew of Grand Theft Auto 6 details taken from Rockstar''s own servers.

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