The release date for Dead Space Remake will be January 1st

The release date for Dead Space Remake will be January 1st

In 2023, Isaac will smash some Necromorphs again.

Theteam held another live stream today, talking about the upcoming remake. As part of the news, theremake has confirmed that its release date is now January 27, 2023.

EA Motive''s crew has been continuously updating on their progress since the remake last year. The last stream, in March, was mostly about the audio of. Today''s livestream was rather focused on the art of.

The presentation was a little bit deep, and outlined a few techniques for refining the original 2008 survival horror game for modern systems. It goes through Motives'' work on environments, visual effects, character models, and lighting effects. The volumetric fog is sure to be a good way to make the USG Ishimura even scarier.

A new frontier

Theremake was the first available during the EA Play Live event over the last years. EA Motive is coordinating the project with whom they collaborated on and developed.

Motive has been quite open in bringing off early builds of the remake as well as guiding viewers through the development process. These livestreams are usually pretty long, but also very in-depth. Like tuning the audio on the signature Plasma Cutter, fans have noted some flaws.

Remaking a game as memorable asis is a big task, but Motive at least appears to be tackling things head-on, and the release date for January 2023 isn''t too distant, either. Meanwhile, some of the actors are working on their own project, and science fiction survival horror is experiencing a resurgence, and it''s difficult not to be worried about it.

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