OnTwitch, a report reveals examples of child abuse and grooming

OnTwitch, a report reveals examples of child abuse and grooming

A fresh and comprehensive report from Bloomberg has highlighted the number of children who stream on Twitch, as well as the number of accounts linked to adult predators who follow and interact with them.

While live-streaming, researchers include several examples of children being asked by adult users to engage in explicit or inappropriate activities and perform dances or "dares." These recordings are often seen by hundreds of other accounts, much more than they thought for small channels.

According to the report, this is due to "hundreds" of predator accounts, which have been linked to each other, with "more than 1000 kids on their following lists."

Twitch does not allow anyone under the age of 13 to use its services, although, as with all social media, this is a concern to police.

Twitch said it had made "extensive investments" in the last two years to "steak ahead of bad actors and prevent potential users from using Twitch."

Twitch''s own law enforcement response team, which claims to have quadrupled in size in the last two years, is now investigating various examples of grooming.

Despite Bloomberg''s alleged recent examples of grooming, the issue appears to be still.

"Even one single instance of grooming is abhorrent to us, and if it''s true, the data you refer demonstrates that we aren''t offering the level of protection we seek for yet, which is profoundly troubling," wrote Twitch''s chief product officer. "This work is extremely important to everyone at Twitch, and well never stop."

The report addresses the rise of Twitch - and reports of grooming - over the era of the pandemic and the difficulties Twitch has beyond with social networks in policing live content. It''s now available on Bloomberg and is worth a read.

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