The thin face-scanning feature of Perfect Dark has been shared online

The thin face-scanning feature of Perfect Dark has been shared online

New footage on E3 1999''s show floor has been posted on YouTube, giving us a sneak peek at the cut "Perfect Head" feature from the N64 gem Perfect Dark.

Perfect Head would have allowed players to scan a face into the game using the camera on a Game Boy, which could then be mapped onto a multiplayer character''s head. The feature was complete and functional, but was previously removed from the game for its release.

Wesley Yin-Poole''s 2010 interview revealed that it was removed at Nintendo''s request due to the recent Columbine High School massacre and concerns over the feature''s potential use.

The E3 footage from 1999 was posted on YouTube by Hard4Games, a channel focused on game archiving, which had been shared with them by livingaretrogaminglife on Instagram. The section containing Perfect Head starts at six and a half minutes in (video embedded below).

Close-up of the mapping of the image onto the head model is shown starting at the eight minute mark. Position and brightness may be altered to improve the mapping quality.

Kode-Z, who spotted the footage, clipped and posted the relevant part of the video on Twitter.

Footage from E3 1999 showing #PerfectDark on the #N64s Perfect Head mode, which would have allowed you to see your face in the game!

It''s rare that we get a glimpse into cut content from a game that was released 22 years ago, and it''s also fascinating to see the feature in action as it was something that no other game had done at the time.

The Game Awards will take place in 2020, and the head of Microsoft Studios has recently stated that the sale of Crystal Dynamics to Embracer Group has no bearing on development.

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