Following sexual harassmentallegations, a former Rocksteady employee denies a sponsored award

Following sexual harassmentallegations, a former Rocksteady employee denies a sponsored award

UPDATE: Warner Bros. Games has received a statement from Eurogamer in response to previous investigations into sexual harassment at the studio.

"There was no evidence confirming this former employee''s allegations in 2019. We stand against all forms of harassment and take any claim extremely seriously. We therefore took the necessary time to thoroughly investigate allegations at Rocksteady Studios with the most respect.

"An external, independent law firm conducted a thorough and thorough investigation, including interviewing current and former employees, not only researching previous allegations, but also investigating the current culture of the studio. a Warner Bros. Discovery (formerly Warner Media) People Relations team, independent of the games division, also conducted a thorough investigation and investigated all allegations.

"These two separate investigations both agreed that all issues with HR and management of Rocksteady Studios were handled appropriately and efficiently. We are proud of the work they have already done, as well as their ongoing commitment to, ensuring the studio is a well-being atmosphere, a place where every employee is listened to, respected, and supported. Rocksteady has served as a sponsor of Women in Games in the past, and continues their sponsorship to support and honor women living in the gaming industry."

ORIGINAL STORY: Following allegations of sexual harassment at the developer, a former Rocksteady employee has rejected a Women in Games award.

Kim MacAskill, who worked as a writer at the studio for the next Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League game, was recently nominated for a lifetime achievement award by the nonprofit organization.

MacAskill is now ''bowing out'' from the nomination, as both Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Interactive are among the event''s sponsors. It would be "an unspoken recognition of what they did," she said.

MacAskill took the time to explain her point of view on Twitter.

"I saw a problem with Juniors struggling to get a break," she said of the nomination. I pushed for change, I spent endless hours developing a program called Play it Forward, and the industry listened.

"But then I saw Warner Bros - Rocksteady''s logo on the poster, and all that joy just sank."

In 2018, MacAskill headed a letter signed by ten of the company''s 16 female employees at the time, which raised concern about their behaviour.

The Guardian reported in 2020 that it included "slurs about the transgendered community," "discussing a woman in a derogatory or sexual manner with other people," and sexual harassment "in the form of unwanted advances, leering at parts of a woman''s body, and unlawful remarks in the office."

Rocksteady contacted female employees, received a letter, and addressed the issue.

"All formal complaints were thoroughly investigated and agreed to appropriately, and a number of serious steps were taken in response to the issues that were resolved, including punishment for staff misconduct," said the statement.

"We have introduced new methods of ensuring we are fulfilling our commitment to inclusion, as well as requesting that all female members feedback on the character''s portrayal and behavior. We are dedicated to listening and improving, and have employed specialists to assist in further improving equity and representation at Rocksteady."

Unfortunately, I''m stepping out of the @wigj lifetime achievement nomination (women in games) because I don''t need sympathy or hatred, but rather understanding. I''m so sorry to those who voted.. @RocksteadyGames, you can''t sweep mistakes.

MacAskill explained that Rocksteady attempted to resolve the issue with money in her statement following the nomination.

"After an investigation, there were resolution suggestions. They''ve offered me money. Lots. They''ve offered to place my name back on the game...something the studio director refused to promise after my departure (classy) and offered some cool things. But I''ve said no. "I''ve gotten rid of all of it.

"I just wanted an apology, and last week, I even asked for it. Hell, I half begged. I just want this to be resolved but not with money. But how does it affect the whole thing? Somehow in 2022, an apology is still too much for Warner and Rocksteady to bear the burden."

She claimed that "Warner Bros investigations are crooked" and "Rocksteady is image over intentions."

"To take an award relating to them would be a clear acceptance of what they did," she said.

"Again, thank you to everyone who fought me, loved me, and supported Women in Games, I only ever ever supported you. I offer my shield and support to all other nominees - take this and be proud.

"It''s just not my year," says the author. Even if the notion of being a woman, for this award, is taking the responsibility of a connected corporation, which almost broke me for having a vagina, it''s just not my year.

A final statement was made to Warner and Rocksteady.

"Apologise. Stop allowing bad behavior. You may throw your name on every diversity event going, but unless you take accountability it does nothing and I see you."

Kotaku offered a talk to MacAskill, who explained to Warner Bros. about refusing the award, and that she wanted to resolve the situation. The publisher informed her that it was not open to discussions.

Eurogamer has received a response from Warner Bros.

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