The trombone rhythmgames Trombone Champ are the magnum opus

The trombone rhythmgames Trombone Champ are the magnum opus

The Trombone Champ is now available for download.

It''s a music rhythm game where you play a trombone. Sounds simple, right?

There''s something you''d be wrong. Even though there''s some of Beethoven''s most famous classical scenes, such as Beethoven''s Fifth Symphony and Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, and even the national anthem, no amount of music knowledge will be saved here.

The story is unsettling (you need to toot and improve before getting approval from a baboon), but the game knows it''s not intended to be serious and rolls with it well. Combine that with the horribly flat notes you can produce and the Mii-esque tromboners, and you''ve got a pitch perfect game.

I''m genuinely weeping. Scott Joplin I hope ur proud of me babes x @HolyWowStudios

Trombone Champ aims to mimic every aspect of playing a trombone. You control the pitch by sliding your mouse up and down (which was by default inverted and I had to modify immediately), and press a key when the bars move along the screen so that you play it.

Trombone Champ excels in comparison to other rhythm games. You may play any pitch at any time. A note doesn''t have to be within the reach of the hit-zone for you to make sound. Trombone Champ also does not stick within the bounds of the usual chromatic scale we''re often used to hearing in music, so you get to experience all of the terrible off-key tones you reach.

Another thing that distinguishes Trombone Champ is the sliding. Trombones are able to slide very smoothly through notes, but you may also do that here if you like. If there are two unconnected, successive notes that are quite far away in length, you can leave the key pressed down and slide the cursor to it. So long as you have enough breath to complete the phrase, you''re happy!

Yes, there''s a breath meter to contend with. Like how trombone players in real life must learn to control their breath, and figure out phrasing in a piece so they can know when to breathe without ruining what they''re playing.

I''ve been practicing piano since I was a kid, and even studied some at university, but my expectations have been... utterly dissonant. I aced the warm-up that included some basic scales and arpeggios, but other than that I''ve struggled to get past a B rating on the tracks I have tried.

You earn toots for playing tracks that are then used to buy sacks. Each sack includes four cards, which is the game''s collectibles. So far, I can tell you they include instruments, composers, music clefs, a hot dog, and a red-eyed baboon. However, I don''t know what these are meant for yet.

There''s also a screen to select your tromboner, which appears to reveal a range of instruments and orchestra sections to unlock later on in the game or are yet to be added. A roadmap by developer Holy Wow has been released.

While I''m playing this, I have to admit that in the Free Improvisation mode (where you can play whatever you desire with no scoring system and no music), if you press the backslash key you can get a green screen background. Besides, I''m pretty sure he''d be interested in a hot dog...

Trombone Champ''s secret feature is that when you press the backslash key on the "Free Improvisation" screen, you may also toggle fuschia or green backgrounds. This allows you to easily enter the background and make funny videos!

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