Where can I get the Nvidia RTX 4090? UK and USlinks

Where can I get the Nvidia RTX 4090? UK and USlinks

The new RTX 4090 graphics card from Nvidia is just a short walk from its 12th October 2022 release date. Our testing so far reveals one of the greatest gen-on-gen performance increases ever, as well as a clever new technique for increasing frame rates in supported games: DLSS 3. We''ve covered all you need to know about the RTX 4090, from its price and performance to where it''s available.

So, why is the RTX 4090 so hotly anticipated? Well, as early leaks suggested, a denser chip with improved hardware capabilities add up to a powerful piece of kit. As a result of a process shrink to TSMC''s 4N process, design changes, and new-generation shader cores, Nvidia claims these new Ada Lovelace cards can be two to four times faster than their Ampere predecessors.

These bold promises are sure to attract a lot of attention at any price, therefore we''re anticipating substantial demand for these cards upon their launch - even with the recent transition of Ethereum to proof-of-stake, depressing the GPU cryptocurrency market, and the ease by which RTX 30-series cards can now be purchased. Here''s all you need to know about it, and the web pages you should probably bookmark!

Where can you buy the RTX 4090 in the UK?

The RTX 4090 is available for purchase from a number of major UK shops, according to a handy table below. Stocks are expected to sell out quickly, so make sure you include a second or third retailer if you aren''t able to order from your normal favourite store.

RetailerPrice Range
Ebuyer1649 and up
Amazon UK1649 and up
Scan1649 and up
CCL1649 and up
Novatech1649 and up
Currys PC World1649 and up
Falcon Computers1649 and up
Box1649 and up

Where can you buy the RTX 4090 in the US?

The RTX 4090 is available from a wide range of major shops, which we''ve reviewed in a handy table below. Stock is expected to sell out quickly, so please consider checking a second or even another retailer if you aren''t able to order from your regular subscription!

RetailerPrice Range
B&H Photo$1499 and up
Amazon US$1499 and up
Newegg$1499 and up
Best Buy$1499 and up

How fast is the RTX 4090?

Full reviews aren''t yet available, but we''ve already begun testing, and early performance appears good. In games like Spider-Man Remastered and Cyberpunk 2077, DLSS 3 is in play, with 4K 120Hz, and even 8K 60Hz. Normally, graphics cards reviews will go live before launch, and more performance data will be added here.

Team Green demonstrated Cyberpunk 2077 at a speed of 22fps at 4K with RT enabled and DLSS 3 engaged, resulting in a massive speed up even if this is a cherry-picked demo. Even if the game is a cherry-picked demo, the firm also provided a video demo of Flight Sim 2020, which included RT + DLSS disabled and a 135fps with RT + DLSS 3 enabled. The evidence also

What''''s the RTX 4090 price?

The official recommended retail price for the RTX 4090 starts at $1499/1649. Custom models are likely to cost more due to the growing demand for high-end graphics cards right now, although the makers of those cards will point to factory overclocking to improve performance, more ports, beefier heatsinks, or other additions as an explanation for the price.

Another question arises: why is the RTX 4090 so expensive? Sure, both Nvidia and its partners aim to make a positive profit, recouping their investment in research and development, but there are also other issues in play. More advanced processes, like TSMC''s 4N used here, are more expensive to produce. Global conflicts and epidemics also continue to impact supply chains, but only GPUs remaining on store shelves, unold, are likely to cause any kind of downward decrease in prices.

What are the specs of the RTX 4090?

Despite looking outwardly like last year''s cards, the RTX 4090 represents an insanely powerful choice even over the two RTX 4080 cards Nvidia has announced. Here''s how to see it here.

RTX 4090 24GBRTX 4080 16GBRTX 4080 12GB
Die size611mm380mm300mm
CUDA cores1638497287680
Boost clock2.52GHz2.51GHz2.61GHz
Memory interface384-bit256-bit192-bit
Memory bandwidth1018GB/s742GB/s557GB/s
Power usage450W320W285W
PSU requirement850W750W700W
PSU cables3x 8-pin3x 8-pin2x 8-pin
Release dateOctober 12th, 2022November, 2022November, 2022

Is there a set of pre-built RTX 4090 desktop PCs available in the United Kingdom?

There are a wide range of UK and US retailers that will sell the RTX 4090 graphics cards for you. However, you pay a premium for the privilege - and your computer will not arrive as early - but this is still a great option for anyone who has not been in the mood to build them.

RetailerPrice range
Overclockers2000 to 4000
PC Specialist2000 to 4000
AWD IT2000 to 4000
CyberPowerPC2000 to 4000
Novatech2000 to 4000
Chillblast2000 to 4000
Box Custom PCs2000 to 4000

Are the US version of pre-built RTX 4090 desktop PCs?

With the RTX 4090, a range of American system integrators can handle the difficult work of building a high-end gaming rig without the need of updating it to your door. Here are some of our absolute faves.

RetailerPrice range
Origin PC$2000 and up
iBuyPower$2000 and up
Maingear$2000 and up
CyberpowerPC$2000 and up
Digital Storm$2000 and up
Falcon NW$2000 and up
NZXT BLD$2000 and up

So far, that''s all of the RTX 4090 order info we''ve ever found. Obviously, we''ll return to this page regularly with all of the best RTX 4090 pricing when they''re available and as soon as when we get them, please keep an eye on them! We''ll also tweet out cards from @dealsfoundry and @dealsfoundryusa, so be sure to follow us there if you want immediate updates as soon as stock appears.

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