In the latest Xboxupdate, voice chat noise suppression will be used on Xbox One and PC

In the latest Xboxupdate, voice chat noise suppression will be used on Xbox One and PC

If you''ve long been dissatisfied with the lack of chameleon-like powers, you''re (sort of) in luck; among other things, September''s newly released Xbox update gives Elite owners the option to imbue its central button with the glowing LED colour they desire.

While a controller is connected, customization options for the Elite Wireless Controller Series 2''s Xbox button can be found in the latest version of the Xbox Accessories app on console and PC. Alternatively, users may visit the Colour tab to check the brightness of the Xbox button, or use the menu sliders to select one of the more likely 16 million hues.

September''s Xbox update restores consoles'' full library view, allowing users to have all games available to download and play, including titles on Game Pass, EA Access, and Games with Gold.

Users of the Xbox One and Series X/S can now select the default installation locations for all games and apps using the ''Change installation locations'' menu under storage device settings.

The Xbox Game Bar, which comes out on PC, now gives users the option to retrieve a shared link for any capture they make, and party chat reducing - which was originally introduced to Xbox Series X/S last month - is now available for PC and Xbox One.

A new ''Start party'' option is designed for players to make jumping into a game with a friend easier and quicker. By visiting the new Party option in the Social tab, players may browse previously formed parties and hit the Start button to begin the transition.

Microsoft''s announcement post may contain further details on the new features included in the Xbox update from September.

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