The PC servers for Dark Souls 3 have gone offline since the end

The PC servers for Dark Souls 3 have gone offline since the end

After more than seven months of downtime, Dark Souls 3''s Steam servers were finally purchased online, and they''re now offline, with publisher Bandai Namco confirming that the issue is being investigated.

Following reports of serious security concerns, The Dark Souls server woes started in January. Bandai Namco was forced to disable servers for all Dark Souls games. Although the publisher described the situation as "temporary," it took more than seven months to complete the fix, with Dark Souls 3''s servers returning online at the end of August.

The celebrations have been short-lived, and the game''s PvP servers are, as of yesterday, once more unavailable, hindering players from accessing any of their online features.

Bandai Namco noted the latest server woes on the official Dark Souls Twitter account, adding that "At this time, there is a confirmed issue with Dark Souls 3 online play via the Steam platform." The publisher added that it is currently "investigating the source of the problem," and promised to provide an update "as soon as more details are discovered."

There isn''t much word on the cause of the problem yet, nor on the severity of the issue or the probable length of downtime this time around, but we hope it will not last long until PC players can resume their invading and ''amazing chest ahead''-ing once more.

Many people will be curious about Bandai Namco''s Dark Souls 1 and 2''s servers, which will still be offline following the January plug-up.

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