Doomsday Control Keys in Fortnite, Texas, are listed in the following links:

Doomsday Control Keys in Fortnite, Texas, are listed in the following links:

One of the Resistance challenges in Fortnite Chapter 3''s second season is the collection of Doomsday control keys from high-security IO locations.

Before completing this Week 10 challenge, you will first need to patch The Imagined in a loudspeaker. Fortunately, you don''t need to find the Doomsday Control Keys in the same match, so don''t worry if you get eliminated.

Following this tutorial, you will receive a 23k XP, which will help you remove skins from the new battle pass.

Fortnite''s Doomsday Control Keys Are Where

Before you start searching for Doomsday Control Keys, you must first establish a Device Uplink near The Collider or The Fortress.

It doesn''t matter at which location you establish the Device Uplink at, as both The Collider and The Fortress areas include the Doomsday Control Keys you must find next.

Once you have established the Device Uplink, it''s time to collect Doomsday Control Keys.

The Fortress Doomsday Control Key is the easiest to locate between the two keys. Highlight the general location shown on the map before heading to the nearby reboot van at The Fortress.

By the reboot van, you will find The Fortress Doomsday Control Key between the chairs and the campfire.

Due to the Huntmaster Saber''s opening fire when you get near the key''s location, the Collider Doomsday Control Key is difficult to collect.

We don''t recommend defeating Huntmaster Saber as he has a lot of health, shields, and a powerful thermal weapon. Instead, climb under the bridge down the hill from The Collider''s reboot van to quickly locate the last Collider Doomsday Control Key beside a boulder.

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