The top 10 Lost Origin cards in Pokemon TCGs latestset

The top 10 Lost Origin cards in Pokemon TCGs latestset

This month, the Pokemon Trading Card Game received a new large expansion in the form of Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield - Lost Origin. The set also has a massive 247 unique cards, which is a huge number by any measure. There are six new Pokemon VSTARs to collect, three new Radiant Pokemon, and a number of alt-art and secret rare cards. It''s a lot to be certain, but we have a clear decrease on the best Lost Origin cards in the set.

Best Pokemon Lost Origin cards

The Return of the Lost Zone Mechanism is one of the most important features of Lost Origin. The Lost Zone is a separate pile of discarded cards that cannot be accessed by players. The Lost Zone is a one-way trip, as well. A number of Pokemon and Trainer cards have been introduced for the past five years.

The Lost Zone, which is well-known, can be a powerful tool. It enlivens some of the most powerful Pokemon in the Lost Origin (including a handful of basic, single-prize Pokemon) and, as such, many of the best cards in the new expansion are centered on this mechanism.

One of Lost Origin''s selling points is the return of the Lost Zone, a special discard pile that is completely inaccessible by players. A handful of new Lost Origin cards play around this mechanic, like Sableye or Giratina VSTAR, who both require ten cards in the Lost Zone in order to use their most powerful attacks.

The Colresss Experiment, which allows you to look at the top five cards of your deck, keep three cards hidden and add the remaining two into the Lost Zone. As such, Corlesss Experiment is bound to become one of the most popular cards from the new expansion.

While youre filling up your Lost Zone with Colresss Experiment and Comfey, you may as well benefit from Mirage Gate. This useful card allows for some energy acceleration once your Lost Zone has reached seven cards. The only advantage is that the two energy cards you select out must be of two different types, but in the Standard format, with a number of dual-type decks that should hardly be an issue.

The Lost Zone, which is also capable of causing significant disruption, is able to discard a Tool or stadium in play, which can stall your opponent for at least a turn depending on their decks depend on such cards. Right now, Choice Belt is a staple of standard play in the Pokemon competitive scene, and Path to the Peak is still one of the most prominent stadiums in the format, thus Lost Vacuum has no shortage of objectives.

It''s not just Item cards like Corlesss Experiment and Lost Vacuum that can fill up the Lost Zone, but Pokemon can also get in on the action. Comfey almost instantly became a guaranteed inclusion in Lost Zone-focused decks. Its Flower Selecting capability allows you to draw two cards and place one into the Lost Zone.

Flower Selecting is an advantage, not an attack, so it will not come to an end. Attach an Air Balloon to Comfey, then retreat and pull another Comfey off your bench to repeat. In this way, a full playset of four Comfeys can quickly activate a Giratina, Cramorant, Sableye, or any other attackers that require a complete Lost Zone.

Cramorant, the first Pokemon attacker on this list who takes full advantage of the Lost Zone, has already had a surprising impact on Pokemon TCGs Standard format. Its attack, Spit Innocently, is responsible for 110 damage for three energy. However, this energy cost may be ignored if you have four or more cards in the Lost Zone, which you may easily do by turn two with a bench full of Comfeys and a timely Colresss Experiment. A 110-damage attack

Sableye, a single-prize Pokemon that thrives with a full Lost Zone, only activates when you have ten or more cards in your Lost Zone, but the payout is substantial. For a single energy, you can get 120 damage for a single energy, which is already a good deal, but being able to spread it across several Pokemon is the cake. Expect Sableye to make an appearance on the majority of Lost Zone decks.

If you want to get an absolute tank of a Pokemon, look no further than Hisuian Goodra VSTAR. While it has its 270 HP pool, its Rolling Iron attack is what makes it a nearly impenetrable wall. At the cost of three energy, Rolling Iron can cut 200 damage and take 80 less damage on your opponent next turn.

Drop a few HP-buffing tools like Cape of Toughness or Big Charm onto it, and there''s nothing in the game that can take it out in one hit, a resilience that is reinforced by Goodra''s lack of weaknesses.

Because Rolling Iron is affordable for three energy classes, Goodra is quite competitive with Mirage Gate. It''s easy to ignore Goodra''s VSTAR Power, however, Moisture Star is a one-time full heal, making a tanky Pokemon even more tankier.

Kyurem''s VMAX has been compared to an upgraded version of Ice Rider Calyrex from Chilling Reign. Unlike Calyrex, Kyurem has no limit to how many energy cards it may discard to bolster its attack.

Max Frost does 120 base damage for three Water energy, plus 50 additional damage for every energy you discard from Kyurem. So, stack it full of energy cards with Melony, Capacious Bucket, Training Court, and Radiant Greninja, guaranteeing a knockout.

Many Kyurem decks have combined it with Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR from Astral Radiance; its Star Portal VSTAR Power is a surefire way to get a lot of water energy attached in one go.

Another powerful VSTAR Pokemon from Lost Origin, Hisuian Zoroark gets stronger as your field of Pokemon takes damage. Each of your Pokemon that have damage counters on them, has 50 damage. The attack can include 300 damage if all six of your in-play Pokemon are damaged.

It is not always a guarantee that your benched Pokemon will be targeted, but Lost Origin is equipped with some useful cards that can tackle that problem. Gengar, for example, comes into play with three damage counters if you can bench it from your discard pile. There''s also a Damage Pump Trainer card, which allows you to move up to two damage counters around your field if you wish. Together, Gengar and Damage Pump offer a fantastic support suite for Zoroark.

Giratina is the latest release of its flagship Pokemon, so it''s not necessarily surprising to see it rise on the list of the best Lost Origins cards. Its regular attack, Lost Impact, has resulted in a massive 280 damage, placing it in the lost zone. However, the text does not specify that these must be removed from Giratina.

Although Giratina has a lot of potential, the VSTAR Power, Star Requiem, has placed ten cards in the Lost Zone, and straight up knocks out your opponent Pokemon. No damage was done, no weaknesses were considered. Only one knocked-out Pokemon is also in danger, including Hisuian Goodra VSTAR.

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