The Queens Dilemma Kickstarter campaign will begin later next month

The Queens Dilemma Kickstarter campaign will begin later next month

The Queens Dilemma, an upcoming narrative board game, has been unveiled on Kickstarter.

The Queens Dilemma, the ancestors of 2019, will be crowdfunded through a Kickstarter campaign starting at the end of October. Details, as well as pledge amounts and delivery dates, are still to be disclosed.

Players will be able to control specific characters rather than representing various political factions in The Queens Dilemma, which was first announced in July 2021. Depending on their chosen character, players will have a certain secret goal to fulfill, as well as a branching structure that will progress throughout the fantasy board game.

Players will have the opportunity to align themselves with certain ideologies in Queens Dilemma, which include tradition, materialism, and mysticism. However, players will not need to maintain loyal to particular beliefs, with the option to modify their allegiances if they feel it suits their goals.

The upcoming board game will see players confront a set of issues affecting the kingdom, with their aim being to advise the Queen on what she should do. Depending on the monarch''s monarch''s decision, the players'' version of Ankist will be changed, deciding whether for the best or for the worst.

Hjalmar Hach and Lorenzo Silva, the co-creators of The Kings Dilemma and the roll-and-write train game series, Railroad Ink, designed the Queens Dilemma.

The Queens Dilemma, the company''s predecessor, as well as the aforementioned Railroad Ink and the Dungeon Fighter board games, are being pushed to roll dice in dexterous ways in order to defeat dungeons.

The Queens Dilemma''s Kickstarter campaign is expected to begin on October 25th.

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