In the game's finalmemory, a player in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild discovers new information

In the game's finalmemory, a player in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild discovers new informa

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is still uncovering interesting little details that Nintendo has hidden. One such discovery has recently surfaced, and it involves the final information Link uncovers towards the game''s conclusion.

As the game progresses, those who have played through Breath of the Wild will know that Link slowly begins to regain his memories of the events before and during the Great Calamity (of course, this being Breath of the Wild, you might also blast through without collecting a single one of these memories if facing off against Ganon with the bare essentials is more your thing).

The final memory can only be discovered when players have collected the 12 others scattered across Hyrule and cannot be experienced by accident (which is how I discovered the majority of them, indicating that my geographical recognition was very poor during my first playthrough).

By giving Link a picture of its location that she has up on the wall in her house in Kakariko Village, Impa will guide players towards the final memory. If players wish, they may take a picture of the picture on their Sheikah Slate, but they do not have to and could leave Impa''s house there and then.

According to Bigotilyou, a slightly different cutscene will trigger when Link finds the final memory. If Link has not taken a picture, he will not bring out his slate as soon as he recalls the memory. However, the cutscene will be shorter, though. It''s a small difference, but it also helps to demonstrate the attention that Nintendo has had to the game.

Below is a video comparing the two cutscenes for yourself.

This year, we received the news that the release date for Breath of the Wild''s sequel had been changed to "spring 2023." Along with this announcement, we also got a small snippet of footage showing Link holding a severely damaged Master Sword. This has led to many theories about what this sequel has in store. Nintendo will hopefully soon release more information on these issues, and perhaps the game''s official name.

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