Which character should you play in the Marvel Dice Throne? (Sponsored)

Which character should you play in the Marvel Dice Throne? (Sponsored)

Depending on the character they choose to play in Marvel Dice Throne, the cast of characters is diverse in appearance and playstyle. A dice-rolling board game that enables recognisable superheroes and villains to compete against one another.

This guide should give you a good idea of what you should expect from each superhero and villain you select in the comic book.

The God of Thunder is a divine force.

Thor in the Marvel Dice Throne performs as aggressive as you would expect. Combined with hammers, players can damage up to seven times in one attack, depending on whether or not they are lucky. Thor can also do damage equal to the value of two dice and additional two damage to any opponent of the players.

Mjolnir, Thor''s solid ace in the hole, will do additional damage to opponents who have the token, as well as give Thor the electrokinesis tokens he needs to withstand attacks such as Bottled Lightning. In the Marvel Dice Throne, players who are interested in pummeling their opponents will enjoy controlling this Odinson.

The trickster god is willing to throw out some things.

Lokis'' Illusion ability allows opponents to draw from one of three cards when trying to hit the right Loki, each one achieving some excellent, others negative results.

With Lokis'' silliest, and possibly deadliest, ability: Bag of Tricks, players may use the Vex attack to give an opponent seven damage, and a Bag of Tricks, which they will have to roll for. While some advantages are positive, such as giving players combat points to improve their characters, others will result in less fortunate results. If the player fails to remove the condition, you may also avoid signing a deal with Loki.

This demonstrosion will ruin her tenacity.

Players who desire more of a challenge should consider using Scarlet Witch''s horned headpiece in the Marvel Dice Throne. A sorcerer known for twisting reality itself, Scarlet Witch has a slew of spells for players to cast on their opponents. For example, Jinx deals six damage or a potentially nasty status effect that opponents will need to overcome.

Scarlet Witch''s most powerful and iconic skill is probability manipulation, which allows players to increase or decrease even certain even numbers on their dice as long as they have the resources to spend. Scarlet Witch is capable of inflicting some serious damage on her adversaries if players are able to establish things first.

With the wall-crawler, smash webs and dodge opponents.

Spider-Man, who is often a popular DC Comics character, has a simple but effective set of combinations that allow fresh-faced players to get a run for their money. Spider-Man''s most impressive capability is easily his ability to turn invisible, which allows him to defend against what was otherwise a hostile attack.

Spider-Man is able to tie his enemies together in webs with attacks like Ensnare, which in turn prevents them from defending against any of his attacks. Apart from the fact that his Combo abilities are less complicated, Spider-Man is no longer a threat to his opponents.

The Wakandas ruler earns more than he earns.

The entire playstyle for Black Panthers is based on a single, powerful concept: make opponents think twice before you attacking them. Although The King of Wakanda isnt the most complicated character in the Marvel Dice Thrones cast, it''s clear that Black Panther can prevent receiving up to three damage, while still potentially negating an opponent''s attack entirely.

TChalla can use Kinetic Energy''s ability to increase his damage output on every attack. When the Black Panthers stack the limit for Kinetic Energy tokens, they are forced to discard them in favor of receiving combat points for upgrades, drawing two cards, and causing five damage to an opponent of his choice. By building up Kinetic Energy, the Black Panther can easily overwhelm opponents who are unable to bypass his defences.

She radiates star strength.

Captain Marvel is capable of using the cosmos to enhance its power. Though this superhero may not have any skill set, it is impressive. Even in her usual attacks, Captain Marvel is capable of inflict damage to a lot of opponents. Using her Cosmic Ray, Captain Marvel can add two additional dice to the game as a damage modifier.

The superhero is also a strong offensive choice, as well as defensive capabilities. Captain Marvel can improve the outcome of one defensive death to a six, allowing her to better withstand enemy attacks. It may not be complicated, however, she is a threat of galactic proportions.

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