Basic beginners may jump into the RPGs Dark Future in a Cyberpunk Reds easy mode

Basic beginners may jump into the RPGs Dark Future in a Cyberpunk Reds easy mode

Cyberpunk Red has launched a new digital resurgence aimed at bringing players up to speed with the world of video game Cyberpunk 2077, anime show Edgerunners, and the latest edition of classic tabletop PG Cyberpunk 2020.

For Free RPG Day 2022, Cyberpunk Reds Easy Mode was originally available as a physical download, along with a stripped-down introduction to the latest editions rules and setting of Night City.

The 48-page starter also includes a set of five pre-made characters, including Cyberpunk staples such as the Rockerboy, Medtech, and Solo, as well as a simplified version of Reds'' lifepath system for producing character backstories.

In a booklet by designer James Hutt, players may give the characters a run. Two gridded maps from Loke are included in the booklet, which they may then use for the scenario or future sessions.

R. Talsorian Games, a publisher of Cyberpunk Reds, released the boxed starter set in 2019, ahead of the RPG core rulebook in late 2020.

"If you are willing to invest a lot of time on covering everything in the rulebook, Cyberpunk Reds has a lot of charm," Rich wrote in our review of the full release of Cyberpunk Red.

Red is the latest addition to the long-running sci-fi game developed by Mike Pondsmith. After previous versions of the tabletop RPG, this time, several decades before video game Cyberpunk 2077, which was also released in 2020 and inspired recent Netflix anime Edgerunners.

DriveThruRPG provides a PDF version of the Cyberpunk Reds Easy Mode booklet.

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