Arborea is a stunning board game titled Arborea, about woodlandpirits

Arborea is a stunning board game titled Arborea, about woodlandpirits

Fans of Ghibli, Root fans, and hardcore Eurogamers join forces in a stunning new board game about woodland spirits in town, known as Arborea.

Arborea is the next release from Alley Cat Games, a publisher of Dice Hospital and Chocolate Factory, which describes Dani Garcia''s future board game as a "workplacement game" paired with a shared-resources Eurogame.

Players will spend their turns weaving workers on a variety of action tracks that follow the main board. All of the workers on a particular path will be able to move together when the track progresses, earning better rewards the next time the worker is activated depending on how far they travel.

This timing and planning aspect is combined with a shared resource track to which all players can participate in in order to score points, or, alternatively, take from in order to benefit their own personal ecosystem on their own separate player board, which also grants victory points. Each 90-minute to two-hour game gets the most points.

The beautiful artwork from Nico Gendron and Javier Inkgolem comes from a spiritual naturalistic theme that puts players in the roles of woodland spirits assigned to guide the villagers of the forest in an effort to cultivate the area.

The eye-watering photographs are embellished with colourful tiny meeples that appear to represent forest spirits, including owls, foxes, and a slugger snake and mushroom people.

Arborea will play with up to five people, including a solo mode. Alley Cat believes the game''s gameplay complexity is medium-heavy, dumping the game in the studios advanced series of releases along with the hefty highway-building game Autobahn.

Arborea will be available to demo at German board game fair Essen Spiel next month, ahead of a Kickstarter campaign that will be launched later this year or until early 2023.

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