In 2024, Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive novels will have an official tabletop genre

In 2024, Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive novels will have an official tabletop genre

The Stormlight Archive, a popular fantasy novel series, will be transformed into a tabletop fantasy film based on the call to Adventure and Unearth team, and is expected to be released in 2024.

During a livestream on YouTube, author Brandon Sanderson announced the intentions alongside Brotherwise Games Johnny ONeal and Sanderons artistic director Isaac Stewart. Despite the fact that there was plenty of discussion about the line of miniatures Brotherwise is already producing, details on this new project were comparatively limited.

Before viewing a brief teaser video, Oneal asked: Is there a way to develop a game that might include these [miniatures]? The answer is yes. The video itself isn''t just about digital models of Brotherwises miniatures, with some dice clacking down onto the table next to them, along with a seemingly codenamed title - Stormlight Role Playing Game.

This announcement will likely not surprise anyone who has been using TRPGs as a way to expand their fictional worlds - especially fantasy ones - while the author has decided not to return to Crafty Games, which has produced the Mistborn RPG, based off a new book series set in his encompassing and interconnected Cosmere universe.

ONeal claims that the Call to Adventures Stormlight Archive version already utilizes a much-known number of character statistics found in Dungeons & Dragons 5E and other D20 games (though everyone in the video carefully avoided mentioning D&D or Wizards of the Coast); rather, he and Sanderson claim that the team has yet to decide whether to develop a bespoke mechanical engine or adopt one of the most popular systems.

Oneal said that while striving for a balance between customization that will fit Sandersons'' unique and rules-bounded magic systems, and the familiarity of an extant RPG system - not to mention the purchasing power of its playerbase - remains at the heart of discussion.

Alongside the miniatures series, which includes some of the most extensive official scenes of protagonists developed to date, artwork will play a big role in the resulting book(s) - hence Stewart''s inclusion on the livestream. Through illustrations, the project will likely give further insights into the landscapes and cultures of Roshar, something enthusiasts prefer to grab.

This will be Brotherwise''s first tabletop game, which has previously focused on board games and more bounded experiences. Steamforged Games Dark Souls is the closest and most direct peer in this game, and the disappointing release of the licensed book does them no benefit in comparison. Dicebreaker has reached out for more information and their direction but did not hear back before the publication.

Dragonsteel, the publisher of Brotherwise and Sandersons, will be bringing the project to Kickstarter sometime in 2023, as ONeal mentions crowdfunding during the stream. The fifth book in the Stormlight Archive was previously delayed until 2024, so a paired launch is not out of the question.

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