A Dimension 20 player has released a RPG for creating sessionzeroes

A Dimension 20 player has released a RPG for creating sessionzeroes

The first tabletop game, which is supported by a player for Dimension 20 and a game designer for Roll 20.

The Session Zero System is a way to help game masters and players with a title that will ease them into playing a new TRPG or campaign. In all cases, characters are created by the Session Zero system.

It''s usually when a RPG group gets together to play their characters for the first time, establishing their personalities, their personal stories, how they meet, and how they interact with one another. This is especially true for those who don''t have much experience with tabletop RPGs, with The Session Zero System intending to provide them with a toolet to help them along.

The Session Zero System helps players in encroaching backstories and encroaching into the upcoming roleplaying game.

On top of all this, the TRPG includes a selection of possible house rules or rules that arent found in an RPG rulebook itself guidelines for tone, mood, and themes and tables to provide quick options for story creation. The Session Zero System provides a summary of safety requirements for playing roleplaying games, so that all players can feel comfortable with the experience and the content covered in the campaign.

Apart from founding The Session Zero System, Hicks has also worked with Paizo, the studio behind the fantasy RPG Pathfinder 2E, and MageHandPress. Mythic Grove, founded by Hicks and business partner Elise Rezendes, is the company responsible for releasing The Session Zero System.

The Session Zero System Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is set to start on September 27th, with pledge amounts and delivery dates still to be confirmed.

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