Glitch Busters and WrestleQuest Debut at TGS2022 on the Show Floor

Glitch Busters and WrestleQuest Debut at TGS2022 on the Show Floor

Despite being sandwiched between Sega and Bandai Namco, the Tokyo Game Show in 2022 was packed with independent developers and big publishers. Among the booths that stood out to me was Skybound Games. Despite being a giant emoji head above the crowd, the booth had a substantial presence. I was able to get a hands-on experience with both games, and each title impressed me in its own way.

Players are armed with guns and must clear through four levels, representing different types of internet, and use magnetic feet. There are several guns with different shooting styles as well as robotic suits that assist you navigate certain obstacles.

Toylogic, a Japanese-based developer with over a decade of industry experience, has developed several popular triple-A titles, including the last years remake. My expectations were high for the developers, as well. Though the game''s rules and controls were straightforward enough to understand right off the bat, the addition of local and online co-op really seemed to keep the game fresh and replayable.

According to a producer, this last point was important. Other party games, including local multiplayer, were reportedly a must in a new environment where games are becoming online-only, with local multiplayer being limited to two-player matches. It was a pleasure to see a party game that is both open and relaxed.

A feature-packed game was the equator that may spark interest for enthusiasts who like pro wrestling. It also includes the likenesses of real-life pro wrestlers like Macho Man Randy Savage, Booker T, and others. It starts off as an aspiring professional wrestler who is a fan of pro wrestling. It starts off as a novice professional wrestler who wants to become the world''s best. Unlike previous wrestling games, it features a broad pixel structure and an action figure-style aesthetic

All of these aesthetics are centered on a JRPG-style command battle system that focuses on slamming your opponents and keeping a crowd entertained. Attacks are also more effective in combining them with taunts, which will increase the audience''s expectations, and increase the potential of your moves. I recommend you try and pair up with other wrestlers for a tag team match.

The Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation versions will be released in winter 2022, via Steam, PS4 and PlayStation 5. The Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC will be released on Steam.

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