Where to get cotton and fabric in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to get cotton and fabric in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Across the Disney Dreamlight Valley, youll encounter an ever-increasing amount of materials and resources. Whether it be gemstones and iron ore, or items such as cotton and seaweed, you''ll need all of them sooner or later for various missions across the region.

It''s so beneficial to start your new Disney-themed life from scratch, but you will need both knowledge and courage to find everything you need!

If you want to maintain friendship with Anna, you will eventually need some fabric, too. This can only be made using cotton, but where in Dreamlight Valley, can you acquire cotton? In this guide, we explain where to find cotton in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and how to transform it into fabric.

In the Disney Dreamlight Valley, where do I get cotton?

To get hands on any cotton, you will need to have your Sunlit Plateau locked for 7,000 Dreamlights.

Once unlocked, head to the area and get a Goofys stall built. From the stall, you should then be able to buy cotton seeds, which cost 42 coins each. Get them planted, and 25 minutes later youll have lots of cotton ready to harvest!

When you first unlock the area, some stray cotton plants that you can harvest may be discovered at the Sunlit Plateau.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, how do I make fabric?

It''s so simple as sending your cotton to a Crafting Station. Here, you''ll be able to transform five pieces of cotton into a single piece of fabric! Annas quest requires five of these, which means you should have 25 cotton stowed away when you need it.

For more information, see the Royal Tools website for more information.

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