Players from Modern Warfare 2 are still concerned about things Infinity Ward clearly doesn't want to change

Players from Modern Warfare 2 are still concerned about things Infinity Ward clearly doesn't want to

Occasionally, you''ll be exposed to what appears to be the same complaints, same arguments, and same suggestions made ad nauseam if you follow what we can charitably dub ''the Call of Duty discourse.'' This is true for the yearly Call of Duty releases, but the new Modern Warfare series has been a particularly harrowing spot for your most loyal fans.

The Modern Warfare 2 beta has just ended its first weekend, which is one platform, but already, players are seeing a lot of attention when it comes to servers.

What struck me as a little strange was not the amount of posts on Reddit and social media, but that the complaints being made about Modern Warfare 2 were discussed during the Beta of Modern Warfare 2019, which is often launched by the same people.

Modern Warfare 2019 is the most powerful Call of Duty game in history. It successfully reintroduced older, lapsed players who dropped out of the franchise over the years, and created a popular free-to-play phenomenon in Warzone. Infinity Ward''s technical advancements in visuals, animations, and sound also enticed all shooter enthusiasts.

Modern Warfare 2019 was a massive release for many on the casual side. It was to the diehard players, however, it was one of the worst Call of Duty games in recent memory. Despite the criticisms, Infinity Ward made some design decisions.

Many of the same people are surprised that the studio reduced on much of what they enraged them three years ago. The developer even took it a step further, messing with genre staple systems like perks in a way many consider as necessary; a change for the sake of it.

The game''s minimap still focuses on the fact that it does not show enemies by default, requiring a UAV for what was once a basic baked-in feature. This variation was first introduced in the 2019 reboot, and although the behaviour remains the same in Modern Warfare 2, it also aggravated some players all over.

Even before the discussion begins, you can tell that a lot of players are still concerned about Modern Warfare''s more slow, tactical gameplay. However, the map''s extensive design exacerbated the effects of this change in gameplay pace, which isn''t quite the case this time around.

At least judging by the beta maps, Infinity Ward appears to have taken that feedback to the test, reducing map layouts, and eliminating clutter while maintaining higher power positions. Despite that, the developer remains stuck to its sights on the rest of its design.

Dead Silence is another hot-button issue. It''s been transformed into a Field Upgrade, which you must wait for to recharge for a limited time.

Once more, this is how it worked in Modern Warfare 2019, and players who like to rush and play played in droves back then. Dead Silence greatly reduced footstep audio, giving players who prefer to run around the map an advantage against campers.

If we weren''t for Modern Warfares'' large footstep sounds, it would not be so pronounced, since many believed that Infinity Ward didn''t really make any changes there, and big footstep sounds are yet another critical feature of feedback.

It''s interesting that the more vocal players in the series haven''t taken the hint that certain changes will continue for reasons that go beyond the in-match balance. Today, player retention is the top goal for game publishers.

One method to do this is by engaging-based matchmaking, or skill-based matchmaking as it''s normally known. The system attempts to match players with and against others within a similar skill level, but those ratings are hidden.

The amount of the player''s connection is weighed in the matchmaking''s algorithm vs other performance-related factors is unknown. The truth is that the more aggressive, highly-skilled players are finding it difficult to achieve on the same level they did pre-SBMM, which is a major reason why this is a particularly tense situation for many.

Regardless of how broad this matchmaking strategy has been successful in three consecutive games (beginning with Modern Warfare 2019) is scrubbing player lobbies at the end of every match and reassessing their abilities. However, these disbanding lobbies, as the community has come to the conclusion, are unlikely to go away anytime soon considering its role in the algorithm and how long it''s been in the game.

Despite its widespread abuse by the same group of players, the disbanding lobbies has remained a constant concern, even after three years of it becoming a reality.

It''s unlikely that Infinity Ward will change its position on so many fundamental elements of its modern design as time has proved. It''s even less likely that Activision would mess with systems such as matchmaking because of their clear connection to player retention.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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