All answers and questions for the NBA 2K23 2K TV are answered

All answers and questions for the NBA 2K23 2K TV are answered

Giving the right NBA 2K23 2KTV answers for every episode earns you a not-insignificant amount of VC to put toward your player attributes. Although getting the wrong answer actually costs you, checking your thoughts even if youre positive you have the correct one is a good idea. Each week, a new episode has been released, but the time for answering and receiving your VC tends to be very short.

If you have time, make sure to answer them as quickly as possible to get that sweet VC. Each answer earns you a few hundred VC, and combined with other methods to earn VC quickly, you may rack up quite a bit in a few weeks.

This article is keeping up with every new episode, so check back every week for new information.

How to answer 2KTV questions

The main menu for the game, located near the bottom of the menu list, may select 2KTV as an option. Watch the moment, and answer the questions as they arise.

All answers and episodes from NBA 2K23 2KTV

All NBA 2K23 2KTV answers and episodes

A new episode of the episode usually airs every week on Friday, but some of the questions remain active for the week following the episodes'' launch date. So for episode two, which aired September 16, you have until September 23 to answer the questions and earn your VC.

Answers to episode 1 of 2KTV 23

Candace Parker 2 1982 15 (Any Answer) Shep Owens The G.O.A.T. Boat 2015 Celtics Trey Lyles Commissioners Cup Semi-Pro 3 Steph Curry (Any Answer) 5 Contracts James Harden Clutch Time Scottie Pippen

2KTV 23 episode 2 answers

3 6 2 60% Rocco 2019 Middy Magician (Any Answer) Defense / Rebounding Playmaking 3 NBA 2K15 8 All-Star DJ Diesel 61 36 Shaq-A-Roni The Rec (Any Answer)

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