There's a lot of Xbox Series Xgameplay to the game

There's a lot of Xbox Series Xgameplay to the game

Deathloop is now a multiplatform title, after a year of agony to the PS5 (a transaction that infamously struck prior to Microsoft''s acquisition of its studio) it now out on Xbox Series S/X, but perhaps more importantly, it now available on subscription services both Game Pass and PlayStation Plus Extra, so it has never been easier or cheaper to experience this underappreciated gem of a game.

The output of Series X is basically identical: it performs the same on all platforms, although with Xbox you do lose the impressive haptics of the DualSense controller. However, I would prefer to argue that this is purely based on some quick A/B testing and does not consider that the two machines handle different refresh rates (according to Digital Foundry, the PS5 implementation isn''t as good as it does).

But look, look, none of that matters: DEATHLOOP, and its no longer gated behind a 60 entry fee. That''s quite the point, as Deathloop struggled to find an audience back at the moment, due in no small part to its premium price point, and the limited availability of next-gen consoles at the time. Particularly PS5s, which are still a challenge to this day.

The basic game Pass tier is only eight quid per month, so you may have one hell of a time in what many consider to be Arkanes finest imsim to date for the price of two coffees. Or, if you live in the South East of England, the price of one coffee.

Deathloop is now available on Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus.

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