How to MakeSushi in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to MakeSushi in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The idyllic village in Disney Dreamlight Valley will ultimately be a home to all of your favourite Disney characters. Besides, youll be tasked with traditional activities such as mining, farming, and fishing.

While you look out for it, Dreamlight Valley gives you a variety of character quests to complete. Additionally, you''ll end up with tool upgrades and new recipes to play with with over time.

Sushi is one recipe that appears to be a popular treat for many people. In this video, weve explained how to make sushi in the Disney Dreamlight Valley.

In the Disney Dreamlight Valley, how does I make sushi?

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, making sushi is straightforward. I managed to use guesswork, but without the recipe for it being given to you at any point, it may be difficult to get started.

The sushi recipe for Disney Dreamlight Valley is the following:

  • 1x Fish
  • 1x Rice

You may use any fish whatsoever for the recipe; be careful not to mix your fish up with seafood, as I might have done one several times.

Youll need to have unlocked the Glade of Trust area for 3,000 dreamlight first. Then, unlock Goofys Stall in the area! With a fully upgraded stall, you can sometimes get rice outright for a much higher price.

Make your way to the nearest Cooking Station or Chez Remys and mix the two ingredients together. There''s no need to worry about it!

If you are considering buying ratatouille in the Disney Dreamlight Valley, here''s how to do it. Also, don''t forget to try and upgrade your house!

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