Ben 10 leads the pack as the most-requested MultiVersuscharacter

Ben 10 leads the pack as the most-requested MultiVersuscharacter

MultiVersus is a game that has received countless character requests from the community since it was first introduced earlier! Being a platform fighter with large amounts of Warner Bros characters competing for the game, the title allows wishlists and an outpouring of What Ifs when it comes to upcoming fighters. This is because to a recent polling, we have a clear grasp of what the most-requested community characters are.

MrWhite4MVS, a Twitter user dedicated to spreading the good word of the Walter-White-for-MultiVersus, has posted a round-up of every character mention in the character wishlist channel within the official MultiVersus Discord. Ben 10, followed by Walter White, The Warners, Mordecai & Rigby, and Gumball.

It''s important to note that character mentions aren''t just votes. One dedicated Mordecai & Rigby fan might just spam out mentions until they started disseminating the mods, or a gaggle of Gumball lovers might all equite to victory.

Even so, it gives at least a general idea of what characters the community is really amped up for. Ben 10 admittedly caught me by surprise: its not really a meme pick nor a program I thought was particularly popular (I guess I am actually that old) but its lead over other characters with genuine pushes like Walter White proves a certain desire for Ben and his many alien forms.

Many of these suggestions have been made, but recent MultiVersus DLC upgrades have really splintered the lid of pandora''s box where guest characters are concerned. Gizmo is a lil guy nobody under the age of 30 will know, Morty is a character from an explicit adult show, and Lebron James is a real life basketball player. Literally anyone is on the table.

What are you looking at? Do you think that some of these characters stand out to you as great picks? Check out our articles on the Gizmos version and the Velmas cop car getting towed away, as well as our best characters tier lists.

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