Devs post their own early builds to demonstrate visuals aren't finished first due to GTA 6 leaks

Devs post their own early builds to demonstrate visuals aren't finished first due to GTA 6 leaks

Following the devastating GTA 6 leak last weekend, several developers have contacted Rockstar for alleged misinformed features that graphics are among the first components of a game completed during game development. How have they done this? By posting images and footage of their own early builds, and the basic and often-hilariously patched together early assets.

The source of all this, the aforementioned GTA 6 leak, was confirmed to be true. Anyone and anyone have been able to see the leak if they wish. Some of them, including one (now locked) account which posted If you knew how game development goes, youd know that visuals are one of the first things you will get. The game is about four years into planning and development. What you will get is almost exactly what you will get.

Uncharted 4''s co-leader retweeted a previously posted clip of the downhill car chase with blockmesh environments. This same video follows three distinct stages of completion and shows the amount of work being done before the visuals are finished.

What the future holds for a video game is.

Cian Maher, a freelance journalist, posted a photo of Horizon: Zero Dawn, specifically of a Thunderjaw set up of blocks and mesh being shot at with an assault rifle from Killzone. Again, a fantastic example of how so much of the experience in a video game is created and locked down before the visuals we end up seeing.

"Graphics are the first thing in a video game," says a Thunderjaw from an early Horizon: Zero Dawn

Farrens deleted a screenshot from an old GDC presentation in which an early build of Splatoon was displayed off in its Tofu Prototype stage. Nowhere in sight are the bright colours, kids, or squids. Only large blocks and grey splashes of paint.

"Graphics are the first thing finished in a video game," says the writer.Splatoon was combined with Tofu

This whole moment of encouragement has prompted a variety of independent filmmakers to showcase their own projects in early stages. This includes the team behind I see Red, who posted a side-by-side of their current project and an unfinished and barely coloured build. The Rift of the Necrodancer Twitter account also posted a clip of a yoga scene, where one of the filmmakers placed screenshots of themselves and their own voice over into a primordial version.

"Graphics are the first thing in a video game," says the creator of an early version of Rift of the NecroDancers

It''s great to see a surge of support and some laughs come from a otherwise unsettling period for Rockstar employees. GTA 6 leaks are the perfect breeding ground for some hilarious opinions to come out, and it''s nice to see other developers post their own unfinished works to clarify how game development works.

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