If Call of Duty becomes Xboxexclusive, EA's CEO advises Battlefield to pick up the flaw

If Call of Duty becomes Xboxexclusive, EA's CEO advises Battlefield to pick up the flaw

Andrew Wilson, the CEO of EA, who served in the company, has seen the Battlefield franchise settle into a slump that no one knows if it could ever break out of, and sees an opportunity in the shambled series claiming the title.

According to Wilson, a potential opportunity might be a reality if and when the rival shooter franchise Call of Duty becomes locked to Xbox.

Wilson, who attended the Communacopia + Technology Conference in 2022, spoke about EA''s current gaming portfolio, some of what it will do with it in the future, and its ambitions in mobile and beyond.

Wilson emphasized Battlefield along with Apex Legends, FIFA, and all of EA''s other players. The CEO said Battlefield has potential for player creation by its "only in Battlefield moments," an over-marketed concept that is increasing the target of many shooters who aren''t Battlefield.

"I do believe you''ll see us increasing more," he said of Seeking Alpha. "And while The Sims has been built on creation since it was launched in 2001, we''ve seen only elements of creation inside our Battlefield franchise with only in Battlefield moments, and we see FIFA expanding with - through the creation and collection and Ultimate Team."

Wilson admits that the two most recent Battlefield games had missed the mark, but does not believe that the series is too far gone to make a significant return.

"I don''t believe we delivered in the last two iterations of that in the manner that we should have," he adds, refering to Battlefield.

"There''s a lot of work that we''ve got to do there. At its core, this [is an] extraordinary IP." And what we''ve seen in the world of entertainment is [that] great IP is resilient. So, when you see the right creative team involved, you can see what they can completely reinvent and grow a franchise."

According to Wilson, EA is attempting to do just that, bringing in a new creative team to build the franchise into new heights. Thereafter, the executive is also speaking to the major leadership shake-up at DICE and the reorganization of series heads.

Vince Zampella, who led Respawn Entertainment into a worldwide sensational series of critically acclaimed games, is now heading up Battlefield. He will lead DICE in Sweden, Ripple Effect in LA, and the recently named Ridgeline Games in Seattle.

Beyond how EA is planning for Battlefield''s future, Wilson highlighted an unusual comparison with Call of Duty. If Microsoft''s $69 billion acquisition of Activision would eliminate regulatory hurdles, the group might transform into an Xbox-exclusive game.

Though the head of Microsoft''s gaming division assured Sony that Call of Duty will last for several years, Sony does not believe the offer is suitable for PlayStation gamers.

"I think this is a fantastic opportunity in a world where there may be concerns about Call of Duty''s future, as well as what platforms that might be on or might not,."

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