Ryu Ga Gotoku confirm that their film isn't Yakuza anymore, and that it's Like ADragon

Ryu Ga Gotoku confirm that their film isn't Yakuza anymore, and that it's Like ADragon

Like A Dragon 8, the next in the Yakuza series weve discussed previously, except the game instead ignoring its predecessor Yakuza''s name. In a recent interview, Ryu Ga Gotoku, the creator of series designers, confirmed the change. (Thanks IGN).

The Yakuza series has always been known by the same name as its creator. Ryu Ga Gotoku is the character for the sequel, and it''s just why the series is changing to Biohazard for the future. Its like when Resident Evil 7 was subtitled Biohazard, but we didn''t see Biohazard Village happen. I guess? Thanks!

Yokoyama said that the response to Yakuza: Like A Dragon was beneficial enough for RGG to consider dropping the Yakuza part at last. He didn''t believe that keeping the Yakuza name for the Western release of the studio''s next game, Like A Dragon: Ishin!, was acceptable because it took place in the 19th century without the Yakuza themselves present. So it''s not Yakuza: Ishin! That''s not what it''s about. So Like A Dragon:

Over the West, we have been talking about RGGs Kiryu-starring, Kamurocho-inhabiting action adventures as Yakuza for at least 16 years now. It doesnt really bother me that the name is changing, particularly as Like A Dragon sounds hella kewl. It''s only hard not to still call Yakuza after this long, though. It''s important to remember that there is a huge number of Yakuza-no-more games already out there.

In his Yakuza: Like A Dragon review back in 2020, Ed was rewarded with the bestest bests. Often they are subversive, leading you to believe someones a dangerous jackass before cheating you with their horrifying, tragic backstory. I fought a Piss Wizard, transformed a hoarders life, and fed warm babys milk with a diaper-clad yakuza clan (yes, the babies are back, baby).

The first among the Sega and RGGs salvo of Kiryu is Like A Dragon: Ishin!, which will be released in February. Then weve got Like A Dragon Gaiden sometime in 2023, followed by Like A Dragon 8 in 2024. Then, as Yakuza happens when the series'' 20th anniversary rises in 2025, I''ll wager.

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