Motive andMarvel develop an Iron Man game

Motive andMarvel develop an Iron Man game

The rumoured Iron Man game is real, but it turns out. Today, Marvel Games and Motive Studios have announced the launch of a whole new game starring the armoured Avenger. The game is being dubbed a multiplayer, multiplayer, and multi-player game. Motive is also known for the upcoming Dead Space remake of Marvel Comics.

Motives Iron Man will be a fictional story in its own universe, but there was no armor Wars tie-in for Disney Plus to look forward to that time. This month, a rumbling of ideas came to mind that the Motives Iron Man game could not be seen on the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase, and the untitled Captain America and Black Panther project was dismissed instead.

Iron Man is currently in pre-production, and Motive is still recruiting developers to work on the project. According to EA, the game is the first of a series of collaborations between Iron Man and Marvel, channeling the complexity, charisma, and creative genius of Tony Stark. Just as long as there was a beard-trimming minigame, Ill be happy. Sega published an Iron Man game back in 2008, but it was a bit pants.

An Iron Man concept that was in the works for several years at Just Cause studio Avalance to but was eventually terminated. Today, the Marvel and Motives announcement scuppers my hopes for an Avengers visual novel, which I am having since rolled out in December. That doesn''t have romance per se, but it allows you to sit out with the tights-wearing layabouts and become their superfriend, as Katharine discovered in her preview.

Motive are still planning their Dead Space remake for its release on January 27th. Iron Man doesn''t have a release window yet, but hell might be out whenever he can rummage summat from his boxes of scraps. Ill let you know whenever it is.

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