The GeForce RTX 4080, RTX 4090, and PortalRTX have been revealed by Nvidia

The GeForce RTX 4080, RTX 4090, and PortalRTX have been revealed by Nvidia

Nvidia have announced the GeForce RTX 4090 during their GeForce Beyond livestream and approved the RTX 4080 for good measure. Both GPUs are based on Nvidia''s new Ada Lovelace architecture, and will launch this year: the RTX 4090 on October 12th, and the RTX 4080 sometime in November.

Ada Lovelace''s main features include the 3rd Gen RT cores, the 4th Gen Tensor cores, and a new streaming multiprocessor. These are supposedly to twice the performance of Ampere (that''s the RTX 30 series architecture currently dominating our best graphics card guide) in standard rasterised games, and up to four times the performance in ray traced games. And since Nvidia were also in a ray-tracey mood, they also used

The first, however, those GPUs are expected to cost 1679 / $1599 in the United Kingdom, while Nvidia claims to outperform the top-tier Ampere GPU by up to four times. The RTX 4080 will have two versions, the other of which are a 12GB GDDR6X model starting at 949 / $899, and a 16GB model starting at 1269 / $1199. Both are significantly cheaper than the RTX 3080, which has launched at $6

RT workloads will be reduced on the fly, as well as thanks to enhanced AI smarts to regenerating existing frames in the upscaling process. This will result in a significant increase in FPS if they are able to reach the hallowed grounds of a 4x performance boost.

How big are the results of the game, and even the Cyberpunk 2077 and Microsoft Flight Simulator demos that Nvidia presented during the livestream weren''t particularly useful due to a lack of specific settings. However, with improved graphics and ray tracing, these showed Cyberpunk 2077 jumping from about 20-25fps without DLSS to over 60fps with DLSS 3, which was evidently getting some chops. These include: Cyberpunk 2077, Flight Sim, Atomic

Portal RTX, a DLSS 3''game, is expected to be available on Steam later this year, but it appears to be swish from a technical perspective. In another release, Remix, which includes DLSS 3 and Nvidia Reflex support, will also be available for free. It also uses AI to create brand new versions and assets similar to those used in the game.

It sounds frightening, but although it appears that games imply that DX8 or DX9 should be developed with a fixed function graphics pipeline, which Ill admit is unable to comprehend. However, Nvidia did show how well it can work with a Remix-ified look at The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, which appears to be a fully fledged remake. Not that Im debating AI ever takes the place of actual artistry, but I''ll certainly be interested in seeing what people do with

I''ll be aiming to include the RTX 4090 and at least one of the RTX 4080 versions into my mitts asap. Unlike the RTX 30 series, Nvidia has chosen to hike the prices this time lets see if they''re really worth it.

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