This week, Armello will play their next game at EGX London 2022

This week, Armello will play their next game at EGX London 2022

RPG Armello''s next game release has begun today, and RPS will assist in this week''s game launch, with the studio promising to "Raise Hell" at 5pm BST this Thursday. It''s going to be a fun game.

On Thursday, the EGX Live stage will be held at 5pm BST for people attending EGX in person at London''s ExCel. However, if you cannot make it up, fear not, as you''ll also be able to watch the entire show over on the Twitch channel at the same time. For people in the United States, e.g., 2am AEST on Friday morning.

The best answers for what you think it might be on a postcard (or in the comments below).

The Infernal Throne sits empty. In our live lecture this week at @EGX.5PM BST Thursday. 9AM PDT Thursday. 2AM AEST Friday. #EGX2022

We''ll also have a more comprehensive look at League Of Geeks'' latest game on the site around the same time, so keep an eye on it as well.

The London ExCel games show EGX London 2022, led by our corporate uncle Reedpop, will take place from Thursday September 22nd to Saturday September 25th this year, and tickets are available now if you want to join them.

As always, RPS will be extending its coverage from the show floor to covering our favorite games, as well as networking with as many developers as we can. We''ll also be providing a set of clever, bespoke controllers for the RPS Future Of Play booth, and we''ve also helped you select and organize the games you''ll be playing at the RPS Steam Deck Lounge, including the recently released Return To Monkey Island, and the Yakuza spin-off Judgment. I''ll assure you that our

So maybe we''ll see you there! And if not, you can always catch up with our EGX highlights here on RPS.

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