Take-Two, the owner of Rockstar, continues to be hacked, while 2K confirms an attack on their supportservice

Take-Two, the owner of Rockstar, continues to be hacked, while 2K confirms an attack on their suppor

The 2Ks customer support team claims they have been hacked and recommend that anyone who received a malicious email change their passwords immediately, and enable two-factor authentication. Yesterday, an unauthorized third-party managed to access the credentials of a vendor. The hacker then fired off a message to some accounts that contained a malicious link.

The 2K Supports account on Twitter made the disclosure, along with several advice to potentially affected customers. 2K Support advises that anyone who receives a suspicious email, which appears to be from them, should reset their password and enable multi-factor authentication. The company also suggested that you use antivirus software while checking your account to see if the forwarding guidelines had been added or changed.

Hey folks, please read an important message from our Customer Support team. Thank you. pic.twitter.com/yKI18eL7mY

The support account said that 2K will issue another notice when users can start interacting with 2K''s help desk again. Until then, their support portal is offline. It''s all particularly awkward in the wake of 2K pointlessly shoehorning their launcher and account-linking into all three BioShock games this month.

Two weeks ago, a rival Take-Two stablemate rockstars had been compromised by another "unauthorised" hacker, resulting in early development footage of GTA 6 leaking onto this internet. However, the leak does not have impacted GTA 6''s development schedule, and it has actually prompted several other developers to share early footage of their own big releases today to demonstrate that, yes, video games do like this when they''re still being developed.

It''s unlikely that 2K''s hack will produce anything as positive, but remember, no one should ever ask for your passwords or personal information, whether they be official accounts or anyone else. Keep an eye on yourself.

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