The latest Spelunky 2 upgrade adds crossplay onlinemultiplayer

The latest Spelunky 2 upgrade adds crossplay onlinemultiplayer

The 1.26 release for Spelunky 2 has added crossplay for all platforms to the randomised platforming sequel, along with online multiplayer for its Adventure and Arena modes. However, the next step is to get feedback on multiplayer to enhance the experience now that its basic features are there. Don''t expect any extra enhancements to single-player, as the focus is on bug fixes.

Yu explained a bit more why all Spelunky 2s planned online features are being implemented. At its worst (for online, I mean!) there are four players attempting to level a double-layered level, including destructible terrain, liquid simulation, and high interactivity, all of whom have to be disabled temporarily, he said. It''s a fairly fast-paced and detailed arcade-style game. So there''s a lot to keep an eye on at any given moment.

Integrating cross-play into the game has provided defense manager Mossmouth with some challenges. Often, problem solving, even if it appears minor, can take days or weeks as people communicate throughout different departments, languages, and time zones. This was particularly true for cross-play.

In his Spelunky 2 review back in 2020, Graham gave it the best best, stating that it was a worthy successor to the original. I am tense, I have been relieved, and I have also been relieved. I have also discovered the joys of being lost, uncertain, and amazed. Spelunky 2 is new.

Spelunky 2 is now available on Steam for 16/$20/17. It''s included as part of Microsoft''s PC Game Pass service. It''s also available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStations, and Xboxes, all of whom you can now play with. Here are the full 1.26 patch notes.

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