A Final Fantasy 14 fan develops the critically acclaimed MMORPG into a tabletopRPG

A Final Fantasy 14 fan develops the critically acclaimed MMORPG into a tabletopRPG

Have you ever heard of the tabletop fantasy based on the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV? With this free fan-made adaptation, you can play through the entire course of your next roleplaying campaign in a space inspired by A Realm Reborn (up to level 10 with no playtime restrictions).

Eorzea RPG, which was developed by a FFXIV fan Arkana Grey and reimagined as the vast video game industry, is an unofficial tabletop adaptation of the popular MMO, which allows players to switch between various classes, from Warrior to White Mage, on the fly - and combo-heavy skill-based combat in favor of a rules-light rule that concentrates more on roleplaying a character. (Thanks, Dualshockers.)

Grey writes in the rulebook that combining the structure of a TTRPG with the freedom and creativity of storytelling roleplay is a way to get a simple system to exist, providing players with a sense of adventure and greater stakes.

Players'' abilities and strength are enhanced by the first edition of the Eorzea RPG, which is thought to be equivalent to the legendary player hero, the Warrior of Light.

Skills that are inspired by FFXIV''s Black and White Mage classes, including spells that are typically focused on damage-dealing and healing, ranging from melee and ranged combat, to boost the characters and provide advantage during fights. Status effects may be inflicted upon enemies to increase their abilities.

Combat itself is kept quiet, with players using a d20 to determine turn order and whether their attack hit based on a resilience rating, which can be enhanced by wearing armour, dodging, and employing skills.

Both the players and the adversaries execute successful attacks with one damage, with HP totals generally in the single digits. Players may optionally forego attacking to perform another action, such as dodging, dashing, using another abilities, or assisting one of their companions with a bonus to their roll.

According to Grey, the system is purposefully vague in what characters can do so that players do not feel restricted by the system, instead keeping to the concept of describing combat how they normally would, showing how the system works, allowing players to keep track of what is happening and keeping the adversaries and players in combat.

Blessed abilities, powerful traits that can be used once per adventure, represent the world''s magical power of weapons or even deities. The rulebook also provides a list of examples blessed abilities, such as invisibility or Aetheric flight, indicating the ability for players to fly with mounts in the video game, while encouraging the creation of custom boons during sessions.

Greys'' Eorzea RPG includes plans for an optional Soul Crystals expansion that will provide a more complex job and abilities system. A lite version of the rules will remove abilities, MP, and soul crystals for a simplified version of the full gameplay system for TRPG newcomers.

Other additions planned for the future include special resources for character creation - including info on the Eorzeas species - a bestiary, collections of items and treasure, information on different locations of the world, a GMs guide, and a series of three adventures.

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