servers for Dark Souls 3s are now offline

servers for Dark Souls 3s are now offline

I hope Dark Souls 3 remains on a good run recently, because its servers are down once more. FromSoftware confirmed that the Steam version of the game had gone offline in a tweet and said they would provide an update once details were revealed. When I published this post, no explanation was forthcoming about the cause of the downtime.

The game servers for Dark Souls 2 have not been restored in January because of a security danger.

The DARK SOULS III online play via the Steam platform is now experiencing a confirmed issue. We are looking into the source of the problem and will notify you as soon as additional details are revealed. Thank you for your patience. #DarkSouls

It''s unfortunate that some players were reluctant to see the game PvP disappear again shortly after being removed. Due to the date, some players even resorted to invoking disco demigods Earth, Wind, and Fire by posting the lyrics to September. It didn''t work. Instead, they would have praised the sun.

Adam liked Dark Souls 3s combat when he considered the game back in 2016, but thought the bonfires were too large for his liking. Even on the rare occasions, you descend into shallow depths, he said, and the games'' bigger structure does not allow for the possibility of becoming trapped, burning life after life in an attempt to escape some claustrophobic dead-end. Youre never far from safety.

Dark Souls 3 is on Steam for 40/$60/60. This article will be updated if and when FromSoftware will give more information on the game.

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