Trombone Champ deserves to do so without its ownhorn

Trombone Champ deserves to do so without its ownhorn

Trombone Champ, an Indie rhythm game, was released on Steam last week, and it deserves a round of praise for its sheer dedication to the brass majesty of the bone. Maybe it''s the selection of classic bangers such as Old Grey Mare and Take Me Out To The Ballgame, but the devs Holy Wow seem to be on to a winner. If you haven''t already witnessed the game in the game then please do it yourself a favor and watch the trailer below.

Trombone Champ was actually announced two years ago, but the trailer for its release date is just hysterical enough to have caught the imagination of the Internet over the past few days. Cheery RPS fanzine PC Gamer got things rolling with a, uhh, beautiful rendition of Beethoven:

The world''s first trombone rhythm game is instantly a GOTY contender. And no, I''m not kidding. Turn up the volume and hear Beethoven like you''ve never heard it before.

Lets get one thing out of the way as long as some people are genuinely professional at this game. Im not sure what''s the point, but I''m happy to hear from them for their fantastic trombone abilities.

Haters will claim the fake (after receiving an A rating on one of the toughest Trombone Champ songs after playing for two hours)

Cursed To Golf dev Liam Edwards might be attempting a supervillainous plan against Holy Wow in a darker turn of events. However, he did praise the game as a god tier. Please rise for the national anthem:

Trombone Champ is literally the only game I wish I had made. It''s absolutely out of this world god tier. Fuck. If you have an interest in life, you will play it, laugh and curse the geniuses behind it. #TromboneChamp

Lawrence Yangs, the Valve designer, was in on the trombone movement while using the Steam Decks gyro controls to play:

Gyro settings may not be the most complete for Trombone Champ, but they are always fun! #TromboneChamp #SteamDeck

Custom controller manufacturer Rudeism has already created a trombone accessory for the game, according to the best of all.

OK, with 3D printing. It''ll take agesWe''re building this controller old-school style-- TROMBONE ACQUIRED --

Here''s a video from Holy Wow showing what Trombone Champ looked like in 2018 to say that graphics aren''t the first thing finished in games from yesterday.

If anyone is curious about what Trombone Champ looked like in 2018 (oh my god... that''s four years), here''s what you should know.

If I do not seem to be taking trombones seriously then I apologise to anyone who rocks brass, but they are some of the most intrinsically daft instruments. I should probably be more sensitive as someone from Yorkshire, but anything and everything from the simple cornet to the powerful sousaphone just brings a smirk to my mush. It''s not because they sound like farts.

Trombone Champ is now available on Steam for 11/$15/13. It might be the best thing I''ve seen all year. Here''s a look at the game phase one guide.

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