EA Motive has confirmed that it is working on a single-player Iron Man game

EA Motive has confirmed that it is working on a single-player Iron Man game

Hearts of iron

Electronic Arts has released a new Marvel invention. Today, the publisher confirms that EA Motive is working on a video game.

The seemingly untitled-for-now project will be a single-player, third-person action-adventure game starring Iron Man and the Marvels suit-clad hero. EA Motive, the team behind this new project, has previously worked on, and is planning the remake to go public in January.

According to the EA announcement, this game will feature an original narrative that delves into Iron Man''s history. It will also tap into Tony Stark. EA says it will channel Stark''s complexity, charisma, and creative ability.

With the collaboration of EA Motive from Montreal, Marvel Games is in works. The project is currently in pre-production, and additional updates will be released as the team progresses.

In a statement, executive producer Olivier Proulx said it''s an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to create a video game based on one of the most famous Super Heroes today. We have a great opportunity to develop a new and unique story that we can call our own. Marvel is empowering us to create something new. We have a lot of freedom, which is so strong for the whole organization.

More Marvel on the way

This Iron Man game isn''t the only new Marvel video game collaboration. At the recent Disney and Marvel games showcase, Skydance New Media teased the upcoming game focusing on Captain America and Black Panther. That project also doesn''t have a title yet. However, Amy Hennig''s new studio is also working on a project.

There''s also a lot of Marvel on the way. Well, wait and see what Motive is up to with its selection of the most important Avengers.

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