The Darktide beta for Warhammer 40,000 has been announced in October 1416, with additional information

The Darktide beta for Warhammer 40,000 has been announced in October 1416, with additional informati

It''s not too late to register for the closed beta.

After being rescheduled for a late November release, the PC is gearing up for a closed beta test on October 1416. Please come back to the beta sign-up page, include your email address, and fill out a questionnaire to see your eligibility information.

According to Fatshark, the beta test will throw everything but the kitchen sink at you in order to keep you at bay. This version has more content and features than the previous Tech Test.

The whole release of the developers is limited to weapons, maps, missions, enemy types, and other systems, but you will not get to see everything you planned for the complete release. These beta sessions will not take long, as balance adjustments are expected to come up, leading to wipes.

If you''re fine just watching from the sidelines and waiting for the whole game, then expect to see new footage soon. According to the FAQ, content creators are permitted to stream this one.

Carrying the fun co-op action spirit forward from means that I have already enlisted. It is the next step I wouldve planned, and it doesn''t need to convince me. The main question is, what kind of character am I going to develop?

The beta test will be limited to PC, but will also be launched on Xbox Series X and PlayStation. The PC version is up first (on November 30), with consoles following suit (date TBA).

$40 is the right price

Fatshark''s standard edition costs $40, and an Imperial Edition costs $60, with cosmetic bonuses such as a Caducades backpack for human characters, eight weapon skins, four class outfits, and 2,500 Aquilas (the games'' premium currency). You may also play them on Steam.

In my 30s, I''ve really moved away from PvP in favor of PvE, which I find less stressing overall. (Less.) Im glad games like this are getting the green light.

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