A new teaser trailer for the Netflix Sonic Prime series has been released

A new teaser trailer for the Netflix Sonic Prime series has been released

Stop the presses, thats Big the Cat

A new teaser trailer for the Netflix series has been released today, despite Sonic and pals'' new adventures, although it appears like they will be dealing with some old villains in the process.

The following week, weve seen a few quick teasers, but today''s teaser trailer has a pretty decent amount.

Quite a few familiar faces in the teaser: Shadow the Hedgehog, Big the Cat, and, naturally, Eggman.

There''s a lot of multi-verse, shattering of reality here. Whatever Eggman and other characters like Shadow are up to, Sonic will have to deal with them.

If you want to make a reminder, the program is expected to premiere this holiday season.

Year of the blue blur

Sonic''s whole year has gone by, so the franchise side ofhas done quite well, and is considering expanding further. Another movie is planned, which isn''t too surprising given the second films'' stinger, and aseries is on the way too.

Fans on the video game side already have a decent collection in them. And thereson the way, taking the high-speed action into the big open world.

Fans of the blue hedgehog have had a wonderful year for Netflix fans. Ideally, they can set a solid foundation for video game adaptations going forward. At least in terms of animation, the adaptations have been substantially successful. Although is a little more kid-friendly than those ones, it would be nice to see Sonic getting a solid series among the new Netflix adaptations.

Finally this year, Netflix will release rapid downloads.

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