The top player in Cyberpunk 2077 has just reached its highest level since its release

The top player in Cyberpunk 2077 has just reached its highest level since its release

After years of depreciation, it appears to have been restored.

The game has had a rocky few years, with all of the hype leading up to its launch, players feeling dissatisfied when the game finishes, and then the redemption as CD Projekt Red patches bugs and expanded on the game quite a bit. More players have been flocking to the title in months, and now has reached its highest player count since its release, according to Steam Charts.

The number of concurrent players had reached its highest level in December 2020, with over a million other players returning to the game. By January, the count had dropped to just over 80,000, mostly due to the disappointment of outdated builds and unfulfilled promises from developers. This weekend, the number climbed to over 85,000, which is the largest player it has had in over two years.

The increase in players is in part due to the release of Studio Triggers anime, which has been well-received by fans and critics. Patch 1.6 for the game also included content, which might have been a draw to return to. There is also the fact that the game has been decreased significantly since its release, reaching a whopping 50% recently.

This isnt the first time a game has had another chance after a glitch that allowed us to take the game. is a powerful example of this after Hello Games'' co-founder Sean Murray promised huge things on behalf of the studio, like a huge number of explorable, unique planets created by procedural generation. Players found the game to be lacking in depth, and absolutely not satisfying their promises.

In the modern age of patches and live updates, a bad release is not the kiss of death it once was.

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