In August 2022, Marvels Spider-Man expects a sales increase

In August 2022, Marvels Spider-Man expects a sales increase

The PC port seems to have done the trick

This August, a familiar face web-zip his way up the NPD rankings. Following a PC port of Insomniacs, the game is now ranking third in the month''s best-selling titles.

According to NPDs, the leap from 84th in July to 3rd in August was made. Concurrently, was the best seller of the month across all Steam titles.

US NPD PREMIUM GAMES Marvel''s Spider-Man jumped to 3rd on the best-selling titles chart for August, up from 84th in July. Marvel''s Spider-Man was the month''s best seller across steam titles.

Mat Piscatella (@MatPiscatella) September 20, 2022

Insomniacs web-crawler delivered the PlayStation in 2018, but the newmastered version redesigned the game in on August 12. It appears that the jump was very successful, both in terms of performance and revenue.

While it doesn''t have the content yet, the combination of high-end PC features and the possibility of portability (it is Steam Deck Verified) seems to have worked well.

US NPD PREMIUM GAMES August 2022 Top 20 Sellers

Mat Piscatella (@MatPiscatella) September 20, 2022

The new was placed in the top selling position, which isn''t a huge surprise asis became a steady top-seller for its launch month. The new took the second place in the NPDs'' top sellers.

Another notable addition to the list is a strong back on top 20 with a price increase likely to assist out, andbuting at the 15th spot. The PS5 is leading the months console sales, and is the most popular for the year in dollar sales. The Switch still leads in unit sales for the year, however.

The power of the port

This is a second solid PC port debut for Sony, which has followed off other players this year. The sudden re-interest in a game that sold quite well years ago shows how effective these ports are.

Steam Decks seem to be flying out of Valves production facilities, and it''s a Spidey-heaven match. While a few notables are still missing from the PC port bonanza, it appears that transfering these games to more players is beneficial.

Next up istheCollection, which merges together and, is on the PC on October 19.

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