It may be too dangerous to launch a portal with RTX, but at least the free DLC is available on Steam

It may be too dangerous to launch a portal with RTX, but at least the free DLC is available on Steam

New ray-traced version coming in November

If someone returns to refresh the visuals of an iconic video game with a well-known look, things can be a bit funky. So while I understand the appeal of something like, a reimagined kitted out with ray tracing, it doesn''t mean its strictly better. It''s different, but you may or may not dig it.

Nvidia introduced a free DLC for Steam users in November along with the GeForce RTX 40 series GPUs. 15 years later, if you can believe it.

According to Nvidias, every light is ray-traced and casts shadows, worldwide illumination indirect lighting naturally illuminates and darkens rooms, volumetric ray-traced lighting scatters through fog and smoke, and shadows are pixel perfect.

While the detailed surfaces are immediately noticeable, some comparison screenshots are more flattering than others, so it''s best to watch the trailer for a thorough view before you start messing with sliders on the Nvidias long blog post that breaks down. It''s not just lighting, but also the fresh, original art.

As the Steam page notes, it is compatible with all ray-tracing capable GPUs. Its a small listing, but there are also screenshots (and you may wishlist).

This is rather a complete DLC, but I like it. Were we not always so fortunate.

If youre into mods, the portal will only be the beginning.

Following earlier RTX upgrades for and. Theres also more from that. Nvidia Lightspeed Studios has come to an end.

The RTX Remix, a free modding platform for supported PC games, will be available with just a few clicks. While the main feature is, Nvidia also showed off glossed-up scenes from the 2002s.

RTX Remix Mods work alongside existing gameplay mods downloaded from Nexus Mods or other sites, indicating that previously unmoddable games will be compatible with these tools, and every RTX Mod comes packaged with the RTX Runtime editor, giving players a variety of options to customize their experience in real-time.

Expect plenty of new possibilities for DirectX 8 and DX9 games whether it''s a modder or just a player. There is no shade, but im curious to see fan creations that follow a more refined, measured approach to improving outdated lighting. There is also more often.

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